How to Clean a UPVC Window

UPVC Window

How to Clean a UPVC Window


– Step 1: Prepare your UPVC cleaner

– Step 2: Clean your UPVC windows

– Step 3: Apply the UPVC polish

Your UPVC window is looking dull, and you are wondering how to make it look nice, like when you had just got them installed? You have hit the right post!

UPVC is a low-maintenance material but can become dirty with mildew over time, especially in humid environments. Fortunately, there are simple solutions to combat this, so here is how to clean a UPVC window.

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Equipment needed to clean a UPVC window

Below is a shortlist of materials you will need to perform this cleaning task.

– Hoover

– Sponge + Cloth

– Sprayer

– White vinegar

1. Prepare your UPVC cleaner

UPVC Window

UPVC has a thin film that gives it its shine and protects it. Do not use unsuitable products or abrasive sponges for cleaning to avoid damaging this film.

Prepare the following solution:

– Add 1 glass of vinegar to 4 glasses of hot water.

– Put it in a spray bottle.

You will still need to buy a commercial polish to restore the UPVC to its original shine after cleaning.

Good to know: unique UPVC cleaning products are also on the market.

2. Clean your UPVC windows

– Open your UPVC windows wide and vacuum all the grooves and crevices where dust may accumulate. If the suction power is not enough, you can use a blower to rough up the work.

– Spray the vinegar/hot water mixture (20% vinegar to 80% hot water) onto the frame of your UPVC window.

– Leave for at least 2 minutes.

– Wipe with a slightly damp cloth, focusing on the most affected areas.

– Then dry with a dry lint-free cloth to remove any residual traces.

– After this step, if any traces remain, repeat the operation.

Tip: for regular cleaning, you can use baby wipes that are gentle on UPVC.

Caution: if your UPVC windows face north, they are more likely to suffer from moisture. It would help if you, therefore, be extra vigilant.

3. Apply the UPVC polish

UPVC Window

– Apply your UPVC polish as indicated by the manufacturer (brush, soft brush, non-abrasive sponge, etc.).

– Observe the drying time indicated on the instructions before wiping with a clean, dry cloth.

Tip: If the polish has spilled onto the window glass, clean it gently, without spreading it, with a damp paper towel. Then dry the whole area again with a microfiber cloth.

Hope the above tips help you clean your UPVC window. Please remember to share your experience in the comments below. Also, please let us know in the comments below if you wish to read on a particular cleaning task. No task is too big or too small for us, so we’ll get back to you with the necessary info. Last but not least, if you have got more cleaning tips, please don’t forget to share them.

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