Top 5 Simple Tips For Cleaning Your Wood Floor


Cleaning wood floors can be a real hassle, especially if you are a procrastinator at heart like me, then you dread this task. But, it is something that you have to do, and you better get into it because clean floors are a sign of a clean home. So, put on your favorite tune and take your equipment because we are going to tell you the perfect way to take care of your wood floor

1. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping


Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping your wood floor is the perfect way for you to keep your floor clean and in mint condition. By vacuuming your floor regularly, you ensure that any dirt present there is cleaned efficiently and without damaging your flooring. But while mopping, just be careful to not to put too much liquid and cleaning solution, which will dull down the flooring over time.

The best vacuum we can recommend is a soft brush hoover which will prevent the risk of scratching and marking on your floor. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping may seem like a lot to do and make your chore list look bigger than it already is, but it is the small price you have to pay to keep your floors clean.

2. Don’t use too much liquid

As mentioned above, you need to be conscientious about the amount of liquid you use when cleaning your hardwood floor. A dream mop and a concentrated cleaning agent should do the job for most laminated, solid wood and engineered wood floors. This method is perfect for removing any kind of debris or dirt on your floor unless it has an oiled finish.

Don’t go overboard with multiple cleaners and finishing products. And for the love of everything good on this planet, don’t, and I repeat, don’t use bleach on this type of flooring. This is wholly unnecessary and will only cause discoloration and damage in the long run.

You should also not soak your wood floor with excessive water as the excess water can seep through the wood and cause warping, lifting, and even cracking in the long run and will be an unnecessary expense that could have been easily avoidable.

3. No steam cleaners


This may sound like a good idea but trust us on this one, and it definitely isn’t. Nowadays, steam cleaners are a pretty common household cleaning appliance. They use vapor to clean and sanitize space and flooring. However, it is important for you to know that your steam cleaner can damage your solid wood floor.

Steaming cleaning your wood floor can discolor, wrap, alter the finish or even cause cracks over time. By hovering your floor regularly, you make sure that it looks flawless and pristine. An alternative to steam cleaning that is safe for a hardwood floor is vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. Follow tips one for more information on this one.

4. Clean regularly

Your day-to-day life may ruin the pristine nature of your perfect tile; from food and drink spills to cracks caused by rocks or the fall of a heavy object, your floor is at the mercy of a lot of things. You think you can prevent them from looking dirty; one way to fix this is to take care of your wood floor by cleaning them regularly. They are easy to clean, which means they demand minimum effort to maintain, but regular upkeep is critical to prevent them from falling victim to the wear of tear of debris.

You can even mop your hardwood floor with warm water (remember not too much water) at least once a week and use a mild soap to enhance the tiles’ shine, gloss, and color. However, make sure that you’ve talked to the manufacturer or the one where you bought your floor and ensure what kind of products you can use on it.

5. Advice for a veteran


Remember, don’t take this as a task because you will dread it, instead take it like a fun activity that you can do while listening to your favorite songs (Adele’s 30 is here, so prepare for the waterworks) or podcast. For me, doing the dishes and cleaning my wood floor are the times when I let loose and dance and sing as if there is no one else in the room. This is one way to make this less dreadful. 

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