How Do You Strip Carpet Glue

How Do You Strip Carpet Glue
How Do You Strip Carpet Glue


 – Prepare your work environment and protect yourself

 – Step 1: Strip glue with a heat gun

 – Step 2: Remove glue with a chemical stripper

 – Step 3: Remove glue residue and wash the floor

Stripping carpet glue is often necessary after removing the carpet from the floor. Once the rug is pulled, glue residue often remains on the floor and can be a hassle to remove.

The easiest way to remove carpet glue is to use a chemical stripper designed explicitly for this purpose. Alternatively, you can use a heat stripper to remove the adhesive with heat.

Prepare your work environment and protect yourself.

 – The fumes released during thermal or chemical stripping can be harmful, so work in a well-ventilated room with the window open.

 – Protect yourself with a mask and protective gloves.

 – Keep children and pets away.

1. Remove glue with a heat gun

 – Plugin the heat gun.

 – Place the nozzle (tip) of the heat gun about 10 cm from the glue to be removed at a 45° angle.

 – Let it heat up for a few moments, and then scrape off the glue with a metal spatula.

 – Proceed in this way on all glue residues. – The residues will be placed in a jar with a lid which will be deposited in a waste disposal center.

 – If you notice that you cannot remove the glue with a heat gun, proceed with a chemical stripping (for this, see the next step).

2. Remove the glue with a chemical stripper

To remove this glue residue, proceed as follows:

 Apply a thick layer (3 to 5 mm) of “special carpet glue” chemical stripper to the glue residue with the wide brush.

 – Let it work for a few moments (according to the manufacturer’s instructions).

 – In the meantime, apply the stripper to another area to save time.

 – Once the glue has softened, scrape it off with a wide spatula.

 – Continue in this way on the entire surface to be stripped.

– Place the residue in a jar with a lid, close it and dispose of it at a waste disposal site.

Tip: some strippers change color when they need to be scraped off. When applied, the stripper is blue. When it turns yellow (hydrogen saturation), you can scrape off the glue. 

3. Remove glue residues and wash the floor

Clean any traces of glue with acetone.

 – To do this, put a few drops of acetone on your cloth.

 – Rub the cloth over the glue marks.

Finally, vacuum up the glue residue and clean your floor with soapy water.

You can clean your tools with cold water.

Equipment for stripping carpet glue


Chemical stripper 

Heat gun 

Thick protective gloves 

Protective mask 

Flat brush 

Container with lid 


Spatula (knife) 

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