The 5 Best High-Pressure Cleaners

High-Pressure Cleaners

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The 5 Best High-Pressure Cleaners

High-pressure cleaners are designed to propel water at high pressure to remove dirt. They are useful for many purposes: cleaning vehicles, garden furniture, terraces, stairs, walls, and, for the most powerful, cleaning facades. It remains to determine the type of high-pressure cleaner that suits your needs. To help you, we have selected 5 high-pressure cleaners from a large and diversified list, considering several criteria: the popularity of the products on the Internet, customers’ opinions on long-lasting use, and technical performance.

Best pressure washers:

High-Pressure Cleaners
High-Pressure Cleaners

1. The entry-level pressure washer:

Kärcher K2 Basic pressure washer

The Kärcher K2 Basic pressure washer is the brand’s entry-level model, priced at an unbeatable level (less than $60 before the Covid-19 period). For this modest sum, it is largely sufficient for various common domestic uses: cleaning of cars, bicycles, garden furniture, small terraces… Compact and light (4kg), sold with a rotary nozzle, this model is also straightforward to use. It is perfect for your first piece of equipment. However, you should consider a higher model if you plan to use it intensively or need more power, such as cleaning large terraces.



– Light (4 kg), easy to handle

– Compact, easy to store

– Very easy to use

– Sufficient pressure for routine maintenance

– Sufficient for most domestic uses

– Very good quality/price ratio

– Only one accessory (the rotating nozzle)

– High-pressure hose too short (3 m)

– Not suitable for large surfaces

– Not suitable for intensive or prolonged use

2. The small, robust, and powerful high-pressure cleaner:

Bosch 06008A7900 Easyaquatak 120

A little more powerful than the previous Kärcher model, the Bosch 06008A7900 Easyaquatak 120 pressure washer is a little more expensive. Still, it is equipped with an additional accessory (flat jet lance) and an aluminum pump, a real plus in terms of product durability. Robust, light (4.2 kg), compact, and easy to use, this model gives satisfaction to its users for the various common domestic uses discussed further below in this post. Like the previous Kärcher model, it is nevertheless insufficient if you plan to use it intensively or to clean large areas.



– Lightweight (4.2 kg), easy to handle

– Compact, easy to store

– Simple to use

– Sufficient pressure for routine maintenance

– Sufficient for most domestic uses

– Good accessories (flat jet lance, rotary nozzle)

– Robust aluminum pump

– Very good quality/price ratio

– A little bit too small for large surfaces

– Not suitable for intensive or prolonged use

3. The 100% practical high-pressure cleaner:

Bosch 06008A7200 High-Pressure Cleaner AQT 37-13

Here is another Bosch device of a slightly more powerful range (1,700 W, 130 bars, and 370 l/h). The 06008A7200 AQT 37-13 is a mighty machine that efficiently cleans vehicles, patios, and driveways. It is also convenient: compact, easy to handle, light (6.5 kg), equipped with wheels, and easy to store thanks to a folding handle. As for accessories, you will have a gun, a clever 3-in-1 nozzle, and a lance.
Perfect for regular domestic use, well suited to cleaning terraces, this model is insufficient if you plan to use it intensively or clean entire facades.



– Very effective on vehicles, patios, and driveways

– Good power and pressure

– Can be used for 2 hours without interruption / does not heat up

– Very easy to use

– Very functional with its various accessories (clever 3-in-1 nozzle)

– Compact design

– Foldable handle to save space

– Lightweight (6.5 kg), easy to handle

– Practical with its wheels

– Well-thought-out storage of cables and hoses

– Robust aluminum pump

– Practical Aqua stop system: the pump only works when the trigger of the gun is pressed

– Good price/performance ratio

– Insufficient power for intensive use or for cleaning facades

– A bit noisy

4. The high-pressure cleaner with power and efficiency:

Kärcher K5 Compact high-pressure cleaner

Despite its small size, the Kärcher K 5 Compact is powerful and efficient, with 2,100 W, 145 bar pressure, and a flow rate of 500 l/h. It is ideal for regular and prolonged use and removing heavy soiling from vehicles, terraces, roofs, and even facades. Equipped with suitable accessories (variable-power lance, rotary nozzle in particular), it is also easy to store thanks to its compact design and telescopic handle. All it needs is a hose reel to be totally practical.
Good to know: its water-cooled motor gives it a long life.



– Very efficient (cars, terraces, roofs, facades…)

– Really powerful (2,100 W), functional and tireless

– Very good cleaning of very dirty surfaces

– Good accessories included especially the Variable Power Jet which is very effective in removing stubborn dirt

– Works for more than 2 hours without heating up

– Good for intensive and frequent use

– Compact, easy to store

– Telescopic handle

– 8 m high-pressure hose

– Very good quality/price ratio

– No hose reel

– High price for additional accessories

– A little heavy (13.9 kg)

5. The compact and powerful high-pressure cleaner:

Kärcher K7 Compact pressure washer

The Karcher K7 Compact is one of the most powerful pressure washers on the domestic market, with a power of 3000 W, a pressure of 160 bar, and a maximum flow rate of 600 liters/hour. It is ideal for regular use, for large areas, and for removing stubborn dirt from vehicles, garden furniture, driveways, stairs, walls, terraces, facades, and swimming pools. The water-cooled motor prevents overheating during long periods of work. Its brass pump is the ultimate in its class.

Compact and handy, it is also easy to move thanks to its 2 large wheels and its telescopic handle. Its performance and the almost total absence of drawbacks justify its relatively high price.



– Very powerful (3 000 W)

– Real pressure of 160 bars

– High flow rate (600 l/hour)

– Very efficient, impeccable, and fast cleaning

– Easy to use, a real pleasure

– Compact and space-saving

– Easy to transport (handles, large wheels)

– Robust, quality material

– Brass pump

– A little heavy – 16.9 kg (but has wheels)

Comparison of pressure washers: what criteria should you use to make your choice?

High-Pressure Cleaners
High-Pressure Cleaners

– Power, pressure, flow

The power of the motor (expressed in Watts) determines the pressure (expressed in bars) at which the water is propelled and the flow of water projected (expressed in liters/hour). The efficiency of the appliance depends on the pressure-flow couple.

– The suitable machine for your needs

Before buying a pressure washer, it is essential to define your needs.




Occasional use for vehicles, garden furniture, even small patios

1 400-1 800 W

110-130 bars

300-400 l/h

Regular use for vehicles, terraces, driveways

1 600-2 000 W

130-150 bar

400-500 l/h

Intensive use, including facades and roofs

> 2 000 W

> 150 bar

> 500 l/h

– Pump housing material

◦ Composite: for occasional use.
◦ Aluminum: more robust, more resistant to oxidation.
◦ Brass: robust, high oxidation resistance.

– Accessories

They allow adapting the cleaner to the projected use. For example, the rotating brush is essential to clean effectively. At purchase, the models are sold with more or fewer accessories, which is felt in the device’s price. It is always possible to complete the device with accessories sold separately, but they are often expensive.

– Length of the high-pressure hose

From 3 to 10 m. 4 m is a minimum for practical use. If the cable is longer, it’s even better!

– Weight of the cleaner

A final criterion to consider for more maneuverability, especially for models without wheels.

High-pressure cleaners: advantages and disadvantages

High-Pressure Cleaners
High-Pressure Cleaners


A pressure washer is highly effective, even without detergent, if the machine is well chosen in the proper range for the job. It is intuitive and easy to use, and you can rely on the same ease of maintenance!
There are many models available today, so you have a wide range of prices, which puts the entry-level models within reach of everyone.


However, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind when making your choice:
– Many disappointments are to be expected if the device is not chosen in the suitable range for the type of use: too much prolonged or too frequent use of a low-powered model will lead to a breakdown in operation in a short time.
– The purchase of the most powerful equipment represents a certain financial investment: you must be sure that the frequency and type of use justify it.
– High-pressure cleaners require a lot of electricity.

All in all, hope this post helps you choose your pressure washer. Remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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