Hot vs. Cold Water Pressure Washer

high pressure cleaner

Hot vs. Cold Water Pressure Washer

Cold water high-pressure cleaner

Hot water high-pressure cleaner

Description of Cold Water High-Pressure Cleaner

A cold water high-pressure cleaner projects liquid onto the surfaces to be cleaned. Immediately, it removes the dirt which decomposes under the shock.

There are two possible applications for the cold water high-pressure cleaner:

– An application for home users: occasional cleaning of garden furniture, cars, roofs, garage floors, etc.

– A professional application: daily cleaning of machines, vehicles, and buildings.

Description of the hot water pressure washer

A hot water pressure washer is equipped with a burner that can spray water up to 160°C. Hot water is simply more effective than cold water and can be mixed with detergent.

The burner runs on oil or gasoline.

Note: Heat increases the solvent power of water, i.e. its ability to dissolve materials. That’s why it’s better to wash with hot water rather than cold water!

Uses of hot water pressure washers

– Home users: max. temperature 60 °C cold or hot water as desired.

– Professionals: maximum temperature: 160 °C.


– Agriculture, public spaces,

– automotive industry, building industry,

– transport, etc.

Special case

A hot water pressure washer works with a burner fueled by petrol or gas. However, gasoline and fuel oil emit polluting gases that are responsible for global warming.

In sensitive areas, such as school kitchens or retirement homes, it is strictly forbidden to use this type of equipment. Also, there are models without emission of polluting substances in order to preserve the environment to be cleaned.

This type of equipment is used in the food, health, and hospital sectors.

These devices work with electric resistance, they heat up to 80 °C maximum.

Please note: At high temperatures, it is advisable to remain vigilant to his safety and that of his entourage.

Features of cold water high-pressure cleaner

A cold water pressure washer should be chosen with some purchasing criteria in mind:

    • Power:
Home users: from 1, 4 kW to 2,1 kW.
Professionals: from 2.2 kW to 13.4 kW.
    • Pressure:
      • Home users: 10 bar to 20 bar.
      • Professionals: from 115 bar to 200 bar.
    • Water flow rate:
      • Home users: 340 l/h.
      • Professionals: 500 l/h.

Features of hot water pressure washer

A hot water pressure washer must be chosen taking into account some purchasing criteria:

Hot water high-pressure cleaner Entry-level High end
Power supply Fuel oil Fuel oil
Maximum temperature 80 °C 100 C°
Power 2,2 kW 6,7 kW
Pressure 110 bar 180 bar
Water flow rate 450 l/h 800 l/h

Advantages and disadvantages of the high-pressure cleaner

High-Pressure Cleaner


Cold water

Hot water


Advantage: The cold water pressure washer is the lightest, most maneuverable, and most affordable pressure washer in its class. Advantage: – Unbeatable cleaning performance. – Possible addition of detergents.
Disadvantage: Cold water pressure washer cleans greasy surfaces with difficulty. Disadvantage:– High fuel expenditure.– Pollution of the ambient air (except electric supply).– Obliges to remain vigilant during the use and to take care of its safety and that of its entourage.

Price of the high-pressure cleaner

Cold water

Hot water

Entry-level: $90 | High end: +$4000 Fuel oil: Entry-level: $1000 | High end: $9000

Electricity: Entry level: $4000 – $5000 | High end: $5000 – $6000

Hope you have liked this short review to help you choose between a cold or hot water pressure washer. Remember to share your experience in the comments below. 

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