What Are the Techniques and Equipment Used in Cleaning

Techniques and Equipment Used in Cleaning
What Are the Techniques and Equipment Used in Cleaning


– Types of professional cleaning

– What techniques do professionals use?

– Which equipment for which type of cleaning?

– Innovations and specialized equipment

– Where to buy professional cleaning equipment?

To clean a company or a building, it is necessary to have cleaning equipment, cleaning products, or even to use a cleaning company. In any case, depending on the supports and the specificities of each place and each activity, different cleaning techniques are required.

Types of professional cleaning

Techniques and Equipment Used in Cleaning

Depending on the surfaces and the type of cleaning, different techniques must be used:




Floors (mainly carpets and rugs), ventilation ducts: gets rid of dust mites.

Wet cleaning

– Wet cleaning: with a mop, or any other equipment designed for this purpose.

– Wet cleaning allows the removal of dirt present on a dry surface while avoiding their dispersion in the air and possible risks of contamination for example in the fields of cleaning in the medical environment or industrial cleaning.

Low and high finishes: dusting, microfiber or disinfectant wipes

Furniture, computer equipment: surface cleaning for the least resistant stains, baseboards, windowsills, radiator tops, plants, door handles, removal of spider webs.

Manual cleaning

Using the cleaning cart: remove dirt from the floor.

Scraping, degreasing

Suitable for glass maintenance.


Suitable for fragile textiles, curtains, but also for all floors.

High-pressure cleaning

Rough, dirty surfaces, hard-to-reach areas.

What techniques do the professionals use?

Techniques and Equipment Used in Cleaning

Specialized companies have top-of-the-range equipment and staff who have undergone cleaning training. They can therefore offer more complex services such as

– Dry ice blasting: thanks to dry ice, the stripping is done without residue. The process allows a fine adjustment for precision work.

– The washing with the auto scrubber: abrasive discs or nylon brushes, associated with a detergent solution.

– Carpet shampooing: use of a bactericidal and fungicidal detergent combined with vacuuming.

– Spray method: single brush disc combined with chemical crystallization of dirt.

– Sandblasting: sand is projected to remove soot after fires,

– Hydro blasting or hydro gumming: removes coatings to be able to put new protections, also useful for road cleaning.

– Ultrasonic cleaning: considered today as one of the most effective techniques to remove encrusted dirt. The vibrations emitted are spread in a cleaning bath and form bubbles that blow up the dirt molecules. It is a technique for the maintenance of small objects mainly.

– Bio-cleaning: removing micro-organisms that cling to the surfaces to be cleaned, thanks to the combined action of a detergent and a disinfectant containing biocidal agents.

Along with cleaning products, professional cleaning equipment is an essential part of corporate hygiene.

Which equipment for which type of cleaning?

Some examples of equipment adapted to different industrial cleaning services:

For what purpose?


Sanitary hygiene

– Soap dispensers

– Brooms

– Paper dispensers

– Waste garbage cans

– Hand dryers, hand towels

Office and furniture hygiene

– Garbage cans,

– Microfiber cloths

– Cleaning carts

– Cloths

– Disinfecting wipes

Floor hygiene

– Autoscrubber

– Mop

– Vacuum cleaner

– Buckets

– Sweeper

Facade cleaning

– Scaffolding

– Ladder

Industrial cleaning, food processing, etc.

Dry steam generator

Depending on the configuration of the premises and the experience of the cleaners, each cleaning company is likely to develop its own methods and have its own equipment or brand preferences.

Innovations and specialized equipment

One of the advantages of working with a cleaning company is that it regularly renews its work equipment. Thus, you benefit from state-of-the-art tools, which facilitate the work of the staff and reduce the time of passage for the same or even better efficiency.

For example, there are larger scrubbers or single scrubbers, adapted to the standards of commercial aisles for example.

In the toilets, the hand towels are more and more absorbent thanks to microfibers or recycled textile, even more ecological.

For all accessories, choose the most absorbent materials that allow the use of fewer chemical scouring products.

Where to buy professional cleaning equipment?

If you do the cleaning yourself or if you use an independent cleaning agent who does not have any equipment, you can buy basic equipment in supermarkets, local stores, or on the Internet.

If you use the services of a cleaning company, the latter will provide the equipment itself. Its depreciation will be included in the price.

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