4 Useful Tips To Keep Your Home Clean If You Have Pets

Adopting a new pet is an excellent addition to your home, and they are a joy to have. However, having a pet also means that you have an additional layer of chores on your hands that were there before. But for me, the advantages of having a pet trumps the chores, which is why I currently have two dogs and two cats.

Pets, like kids, are a joy to have around, but they tend to be messy at times, and this can take a while to clean, especially if they’ve played in mud. The advice for cleaning your home is coming from a veteran who grew up with pets and still has pets. So. Without further ado, let’s learn some of the tips on how to keep your home clean if you have pets.

1. Sofa


I always let my dogs on my sofa and bed because, for me, there are more like my kids. If you are like me and can’t bear to push your baby off the couch, then you might want to regrade your old sofa. You will want a sofa that won’t act like a hair magnet nor one that shows stains quickly.

The best sofa to look for is one that is made of either tightly-woven material or your good old leather sofa. They are the ideal material and shade, especially if you do have pets. If you can’t afford to splurge on a new couch, you can easily add a new pet-friendly throw that you can easily remove and wash. Trust me on this one; it will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

2. Clean your pet’s things regularly


Your pet’s bed or toys will start to smell over time, but this is entirely natural. You will want to get rid of the strong dog odor by regularly washing your pet’s things. This will avoid the formation and development of any foul smell.

When you are buying things for them, check if they are washing machine friendly, this will make your life easier down the line. If they are, you can just chuck them in the washing machine and give them a spin; if not, then you have to wash these by hand.

One quick tip, save this specific chore for a sunny day because the sun will dry these items quicker and will also help to kill the bacteria and foul odor present in them.

3. Keep your pet clean


This can be an uphill battle at times, but this is something you ought to do to keep your house clean. If, after your walk, your dogs look rough, then it might be time to give them a shower and groom them. When you groom your pet, you are removing the dirt on them, which means that there will be no residual dirt inside your house.

It is important to remember that you should give your dog a proper shower with shampoo too often as this is detrimental to their fur, but a quick wash with plain water can make a world of difference to keep your home clean. After you’ve given them their shower, dry them thoroughly to avoid any water drippage inside the home.

Depending on your dog’s breed, you might even want to take them to the groomer to give them a proper trim and the spa day that they deserve. They might need a de-shedding around the summer and spring season, and you should get a professional dog-groomer to do this for you.

4. Invest in a vacuum


You will want to get a vacuum that can pick up the pesky hair of our beloved pets because doing this by hand can be hell. To do so, you’ll have to invest in a vacuum that has a good quality filter, strong suction, and a brush that can pull hair over the surface of stuff.

Your dog will shed; this is completely natural, and this is why you need to invest in a good vacuum to take care of this. During shedding season, you’ll want to vacuum daily to stay on top of the game and not be overwhelmed with the amount of fur that your dog will shed.

Make sure that you clean the filters regularly because they can get clogged by the hair. Pet ownership isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, but it is something that you ought to do for your little ones.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us if you want to read more tips about how to keep your home squeaky clean when you have pets.

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