Tips for How to Get Rid of Pet Odor and Stains in Your Home


Is your house still smelling like your pet despite your greatest cleaning efforts? Animals have complex odors that aren’t often broken down by standard cleaning procedures. You must know how to clean your house correctly if you want it to stay clean and neat.

 With just a few pointers, your home will appear to have solely human occupants. We’ll show you how to get rid of pet odor quickly in the sections below.

1. Vacuum regularly

Pet - Vaccuum
Pet – Vaccuum

Vacuuming on a regular basis is the first step. Depending on the animal you have, you may need to perform this at least once a day. Even short-haired animals that do not shed much hair can emit odor-carrying follicles and skin.

Vacuuming on its own is not sufficient; you will need to maintain and clean your vacuum regularly for it to work properly. Keep in mind that a pet’s hair may put a lot of tension on your vacuum, clogging it up. Thus it may not work properly, leaving your surfaces unclean. You will want to have regular checks of the nozzle, tanks, and bags, or you may buy a vacuum that is solely made for pet hair.

2. Get Rid Of Urine Odor

Urine has a very strong odor, and unless your dog knows how to show the sign of the need to pee, there will be various pee accidents. However, not every pet smells the same; some have a stronger odor than others because of their constitution.

Some cleaning solutions have been developed exclusively for that purpose. However, what I have learned during the long and long years of having pets, is that one solution does not fit all, because as I mentioned above, some pee is stronger than others. You can use a different solution to get rid of the odor.

3. HVAC System

When you own a pet, there will be different changes in your house even the air will change. That’s why it is primordial that you maintain your HVAC to have clean and pure air, or else there will be an overall smell even though your surfaces are clean.

If you do not maintain your system properly, it will do the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do, and it will also cost you a lot of money. On top of that, I don’t think you want to breathe dirty air, do you? Especially if you have kids around, it may start an allergy.

4. Wash Your Pet’s Fabric

Pet - wash bedding
Pet – wash bedding

As a pet owner, I must confess that I made this mistake in the past. Whenever we are cleaning, we focus on our spaces and the surfaces that we will come in contact with but mind you, pets sweat a lot, and with their fur that traps odor, it is more difficult for them. You may be bathing your dog every week, but if you do not wash their bedding, you are wasting your time.

These fabrics give off an odor and should be washed very regularly. Prioritize absorbent fabric.

5. Clean Regularly

In addition to the suggestions above, make sure you clean your house on a regular basis. Only half of the fight is knowing how to get rid of pet odor in certain spots. Pet hair and grime will build everywhere, especially in locations that need to be cleaned. You should be mopping the floor every day, or if you do not have the time think about it every other day. Once a week will not be sufficient if you have a pet, especially if they go outside and come back inside.

It is important that you keep the place clean, so think about investing in a good disinfectant to kill every bacteria, then an odor remover solution and a good air freshener. Let us know in the comments if you are having a hard time removing your pet odor in the house…

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