Top 5 Worst Cleaning Products


Which can of cleaner are you? Do you have specific products for each part of the house, or do you all have an all-in-one product for everything?

According to tests, there’s almost no difference between multipurpose cleansers and kitchen sprays – so you can continue to be a one-product person, safe in the knowledge that the very same spray will do just as well in any space.

Floor Cleaner Is A Big Fail. 

Top 5 Worst Cleaning Products
Top 5 Worst Cleaning Products

We have some terrible news for you, clean fanatics. You’ve been squandering your money if you’ve been actively washing your floors with floor cleaner. (Sorry.) according to various tests, floor cleaners could be replaced with any generic cleaners, which wouldn’t make any difference.

I think floor cleaners are so bad at cleaning that you can eventually use only water. Keep in mind that it is not the product cleaning your floors but your scrubbing effort. I would advise you to skip the floor cleaners because they are sincerely not worth the money and the time you will spend searching for the ‘best’ floor cleaners in the supermarket aisle.

Laundry Detergent Pods (What A Scam)

These detergents pods have proved to be some safety hazards, but this is not their only disadvantage. Pods are more expensive compared to regular detergents. A 72 load pod box at 18 dollars could give you an equivalent 96 loads with common detergents.

On top of that, research has proven that pods do not clean as well as they pretend to; they are very well-known to leave residue and stains behind. Remain loyal to the regular detergent; your wallet will thank you (and your clean clothes too).

Steam Mops

Consumer Reports found that most steam mops tested fell short of expectations, essentially pushing large messes away and leaving floors looking drab. On the other hand, steam mops can harm floors, mainly hardwood and laminate, by leaving too much moisture behind. Certain flooring manufacturers will invalidate your guarantee if you use a steam mop to clean your floors.

Instead, try this: Use a conventional spin or squeeze mop to mop your floors more quickly and for less money. It’s easy to avoid leaving too much water behind since you can manage how many wet stays on the mop.

Feather Dusters

Top 5 Worst Cleaning Products
Top 5 Worst Cleaning Products

I remember how every house used to have a feather duster back in time; though some have one, they are declining. They have been trendy because people always thought they were doing a good job, which is far from the truth.

You may use your feather dusters to dust; it will only remove the dust from one place and go somewhere else. I would recommend that you use a damp cloth to get rid of dust as it will trap the dust. Use something flat and not fluffy, as they are better at holding dust.

Natural Cleaners

Many people are going for natural products because they think that they are better than the regular ones. The only difference is the products labeled ‘natural’ are more expensive. There are no regulations on words such as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’.

Even if it is made with natural ingredients, it does not mean that it is better for you. For instance, pollen is natural, but many people are allergic to it. For my part, I would recommend sticking with the regular-popular brands as they have been around for a long, so more testing has been done using the products meaning that they are safer.

Do not get fooled by fancy packaging or well-written slogan; they all come with a price. When it comes to cleaning, look for regular products. They do the job better. Do not tempt yourself with new gadgets as they may do the same as the old but, as I said, more expensive. Let us know in the comments if you had a product that you regret buying…


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