Tips for Eliminating Odors From the Refrigerator

That moment when you open the door of your refrigerator and a foul odor comes out.. smells more like a trash can rather than a place to store food. There is nothing more annoying than a smelly refrigerator, and you need to solve this problem as soon as possible! Here are some tips to help prevent your refrigerator from getting smelly!

The very first thing to do is of course to clean the refrigerator.

6 Steps to Clean a Smelly Refrigerator

Step 1. Empty the refrigerator so that it can be cleaned thoroughly.

Step 2. Clean the refrigerator with a mixture of water and two scoops of baking soda. This will make the smell disappear like snow falling in the sun.

Step 3. Wipe using a wet cloth

Step 4. Make sure the inside of the refrigerator is thoroughly dry.

Step 5. Check the expiration date and throw away all the useless products. Also, clean the products. There could be bacteria lurking in there.

Step 6. After all the cleaning is done, put the refrigerator back together.

Tips To Prevent Foul Odors

Check the Expiration Date

Defective products can cause your refrigerator to smell. Check for expired products and discard them.

Clean the Drain

Dirty or clogged drains can cause your refrigerator to smell. Clean the drains to make sure they are flowing correctly, and use a special toothpick to make holes if necessary.

Vinegar to Prevent the Growth of Bacteria

Vinegar is an excellent natural product that can be used to clean bacteria. Cleaning your refrigerator regularly with vinegar will help prevent the growth of bacteria. Be careful not to use pure vinegar. It can damage the plastic in your refrigerator.

Lemons To Keep Things Fresh in the Fridge

The smell of lemon is refreshing, and it absorbs unpleasant odors. You can keep a few sliced lemons on a plate in your refrigerator. Also, make sure that they do not go rancid as this can cause the fridge to smell. Check the lemon pieces periodically and replace them if they start to look dry or old.

Close the Package Well

Closing the packaging well will help you use the product longer. Opening the package will allow bacteria to grow and cause your refrigerator to smell in the long run.

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Use a Multi-purpose Cleaner

Feel free to use an all-purpose cleaner to clean your refrigerator. Also, take a good look at the seams and crevices of the fridge.

Wipe Products

Bacteria can live on them. Regularly wipe down the products you have already put in the fridge—for example, beverage packs, containers, and bottles. This will prevent the refrigerator from giving off bad odors.

Coffee To Neutralize Unpleasant Odors

Coffee neutralizes unpleasant odors. Put coffee powder in the refrigerator. These can be coffee powder, a scoop of ground coffee, or a series of individual coffee tablets. Replace them regularly to keep your refrigerator from getting stinky.

Yogurt To Dissolve Spoilage Bacteria

The lactic acid bacteria in yogurt is known to dissolve putrefactive bacteria. It may sound strange, but you can apply yogurt to your refrigerator. Leave it for a few hours and wash it off, and all the unpleasant smells in the fridge will be gone.

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 Is Your Refrigerator in a Resting Mode?

Did you know that when you are going to be away from home for an extended period, it is a good idea to turn your refrigerator to its lowest setting? Most refrigerators these days also have a holiday mode. You can also turn off the fridge. Leaving the door open allows air to enter the fridge and moisture to escape.

Regular Cleaning Maintenance

It may sound tedious, but you need to clean your refrigerator regularly. This will prevent the growth of germs and prevent the fridge from smelling bad.

If you continue to suffer from bad refrigerator odor after this, it may be best to call an appliance technician to help you.

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