Tips To Eliminate Moss On Your Roof


Cleaning and demossing the roof of your house is necessary to maintain it as well as possible and promote its longevity. The presence of foams of all kinds, in particular, reduces the resistance to sun, rain and wind of roofing materials and ultimately causes leaks. Roof moss removal is an important step in keeping your roof in good condition. For this, it is important to know some tips on defoaming. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to remove and eliminate the formation of moss on your roof.

A moss roof: what is it?


A roof is always solid and clean at the beginning, but over time it begins to undergo some changes, even damage. Moss becomes encrusted there, whatever the type of roof, slate or tile, etc.

When to perform moss removal and roof cleaning?

The maintenance of your roof allows it to have a long life. The objective is to eliminate mosses, lichens and other plants that could cause leaks and inconvenience. It is best to do the work in the spring. This will allow you to know the condition of your cover, which could be damaged by the weather.

Reasons to clean the moss from your roof

Cleaning the roof of your house or building is a necessary operation after some time. Indeed, over the years, the layer of moss has become important and can deteriorate the structure of your roof. In addition, moss removal gives a clean look to your home. In some buildings, the presence of moss lowers the brightness. This cleaning should be done regularly.

How to do roof moss removal?

There are several solutions for roof moss removal, and each has its own technique, which may well be different from that of the others. Nevertheless, and in general, the defoaming steps run as follows:

    • Identification of any broken tiles and joints
    • Plug the water drains to prevent clogging
    • Clean with a brush and a suitable product
    • Drying
    • Rinse if necessary
    • Unclog the gutters.

You can also use a high-pressure water jet. The use of this cleaner eliminates all traces of plants. If your roof is made of slates or tiles, you must be careful not to damage them since they are very fragile.

Good reflexes to have

Doing the moss removal yourself is a good idea, but you have to recognize that it involves risks, both for the equipment and for yourself, who, at least, must be able to climb on the roof. Thus, the moss removal of a roof requires precautions to avoid an accident and call on a roof cleaning, and a moss removal professional is the best solution to deal with it. Contacting a great specialist like WJ Roofing is the safest of all decisions. Moreover, this company has in-depth knowledge of the best products for cleaning a roof.

Products to apply for moss removal

Antifoam product

The use of the anti-moss product makes it possible to stop the development of plants on the roof. We advise you to use organic products. These are good for your health and the environment.

Water repellent solution

This anti-humidity treatment prevents infiltration and humidity problems that could affect your roof. It can be applied in several layers using a brush or by spraying. However, this product is not applicable to any type of coverage.

Copper wires


To prevent the appearance of moss, laying copper wires on the top of your roof is an option. It will oxidize in contact with the rain, and the new moss will no longer be seen. On the other hand, they must be changed every five years for optimal efficiency.

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