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Cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen is the part of your home that requires the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, given that we store and prepare our food there. With that in mind, it needs a light clean every day, just to get rid of surface debris and stains, as well as a thorough deep clean, once every three months.

Grab your cleaning materials and this article, and prepare to immerse yourself for one hour in the deep cleaning of your kitchen. You may want to turn on the music to have a more enjoyable atmosphere since we don’t want to get bored and give up halfway through.

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Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen.

Material You Will Need:

– Sponges

– Detergents (counter-top, floor and wood-specific if you have wooden cabinets)

– Cleaning Cloth

– Oven Cleaner

– Broom and mop.


We will start by decluttering so you will have a clearer picture of what to do. Put away any dirty dishes, whether in the dishwasher or hand washing. If you have kids, maybe there are toys around that you will want to put away too. Everything that should not be in the kitchen should be put away. Now let’s move on to the next step…

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Organize Pantry.



Most of the time, our pantry is a mess. Proceed to take out all of your food. Check the expiration date, and toss out food that has gone past that date. If food is nearly expired, I suggest you put them in front, to consume it before it turns bad. Before putting your groceries back in the pantry, wipe down the shelves with a wet cloth to trap and get rid of the dust.

Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

Before organizing your kitchen cabinet and drawers, you want to put away the chaos. Keep things that you use, else throw them away or donate—keeping your drawers busy leads to a total mess, so it will be back to a mess in days even if you arrange everything. I suggest you organize your drawers so that everything is easy to grab, as it will help keep it organized.


When it comes to the refrigerator, you’ll want to move it first and mop it underneath. Unplug your refrigerator to avoid energy over-consumption. Remove everything from your refrigerator, proceed as you did for your pantry. Toss everything that is expired and put the oldest items in front and the newest at the back.

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Cleaning Your Cabinet.



Once you are done with organizing your cabinet, you want to clean it thoroughly. Vacuum any dust that might be present. Wipe down the surfaces with your cleaning products. If you have a wooden cabinet, make sure to use the appropriate product as you may ruin it otherwise.


It may seem odd, but I do believe that you have to clean your walls and even ceiling for a cleaner finish. Especially in the kitchen, cooking grease and splatters tend to stick to the ceiling and walls.


Have you ever baked a cake where the batter has splashed into the oven and burnt? You will want to apply water and deep clean. Remove the racks; you may want to let it sit in hot water with some dish soap to remove grease. Do the same with your refrigerator.


If you have a greasy surface, you want to scrub that with a powerful detergent (let it sit for a few minutes). Finish by mopping the entire floor with warm water and a detergent. But keep in mind that this step will depend on the material of your floor. Mopping is mostly for tiles, so if you have any other type of floor, you may want to do some research beforehand.

Cleaning can be an annoying task, but I can assure you that you will be 100 % satisfied when it’s done. Let us know in the comments below how your kitchen cleaning went…

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