5 Uses of Soap That Will Surprise You

5 Uses of Soap That Will Surprise You

5 Uses of Soap That Will Surprise You

Don’t underestimate the resources of that simple bar of soap sitting carelessly on the corner of your sink!

Black, Marseille, scented, there are many variations, you will find your happiness: much more than a natural and relatively healthy detergent (depending on its composition), you will be able to use it for multiple and surprising little things of everyday life.

1. Avoid bad smells

Your winter clothes that are sleeping quietly in the closet are likely to smell musty when the first cold weather arrives. Give them an envelope of scented softness!

The scented soap, to be slipped into the linen, allows:

    – eliminate bad odors;

    – infuse a fresh and natural scent on your clothes.

Good to know: to protect your belongings from moths during this long period, you can place here and there lavender sachets, bunches of mint, or a few cotton balls soaked with a few drops of essential oil of lemon, eucalytpus or cedar.

2. Limit cramps while you sleep

This grandma’s remedy is worth trying… To put an end to sudden night cramps, Marseille soap is a simple and practical solution:

    – Wrap the soap in a stocking.

    – Place the soap on the sheets at the bottom of the bed.

    – Sleep easy!

Its secret: potash! Indeed, cramps are generally caused by a lack of intracellular potassium. The composition of the soap of Marseille would make it possible to mitigate this concern. Placed at your feet, it nourishes your legs with potassium throughout the night.

3. Keep fleas and aphids away

5 Uses of Soap That Will Surprise You

To fight against garden insects without harming the ecosystem with aggressive substances, there is nothing like a treatment with Marseille soap or black soap.

    – Pour little soap flakes on the affected areas.

    – Let it work.

This also works with the parasites of our four-legged friends: after a soap shampoo, you should be rid of these little beasts.

The secret: rich in fatty acids, soda, and potash, Marseille soap, and black soap naturally keep insects away without damaging plants.

4. Prevent marks on your pots and pans

Toxic products and abrasive sponges damage pots and pans. There are effective and natural cleaning solutions. To recover a burnt pan, for example:

    – Pour little black soap flakes in the center.

    – Dilute the flakes with warm water.

    – Leave to act for 20 minutes.

    – Rinse thoroughly.

    – Dry carefully.

The dry material burned on the bottom of the pan is hydrated with soap and comes off easily. The pan is as good as new!

The secret: the natural properties of black soap gently degrease without damaging the surface of the utensil (Teflon, stainless steel, and ceramic).

5. Deodorize your car

Cigarettes, stale air, etc. Once the bad odors have settled in the vehicle, it becomes difficult to dislodge them, and the air fresheners sold in the shops are quickly emptied of their perfume.

When your air freshener no longer contains soap, extend its life!

    – Soak the air freshener in water and scented soap.

    – Replace the holder in its place.

The secret: the scented soap impregnates the air freshener for a long time by renewing its action.

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