Tips to Clean Your Espadrilles

Are your jute espadrilles stained and you don’t know how to clean them? Don’t worry, here are some very easy (and inexpensive) tips to clean your jute espadrilles, whatever their style.

To implement these cleaning tips, you’ll need to have ammonia, soap, a clean cloth, a soft bristle brush and baking soda on hand (to remove any odors).


Espadrilles are a very comfortable and simple type of shoe, usually made of natural fibers such as cotton, animal skins, wicker or canvas with esparto soles. The most common are espadrilles with esparto soles, with or without heel. It is common that we use them throughout the summer and even until early fall.

Now, depending on the type of espadrille, its preparation and material, you will have to clean it in one way or another. For example, you should never wash your espadrilles in the washing machine, as jute does not take well to moisture.

Ammonia is the best product to clean espadrilles and jute sandals.

How to Clean Jute Espadrilles

With this guide, you can clean any type of jute espadrilles, even sandals that have heels or soles with that characteristic jute braid.

Brush the Espadrille

The first thing to do is to clean the entire espadrille with a soft bristle brush. Brushing should always be done in the same direction to avoid dragging or tearing the fabric fibers or unraveling the jute.

Rub the Espadrille with a Semi-Moist Cloth

Next, with a semi-moist cloth, rub the entire shoe, making sure that there is no excess moisture. We advise you to always start by rubbing on the fabric part and finish with the heel or the sole (the jute).

Remove Stains from Sneakers with Ammonia (or Soap)

One of the best products to clean your sneakers is liquid ammonia. Indeed, it is not harmful, it removes bad odors and all the accumulated stains. So, to clean jute espadrilles, you must brush them with a mixture of water and ammonia (80% hot water and 20% ammonia).

– Procedure: Soak the brush in the water and ammonia mixture, then brush the espadrille in the same direction. To clean the inside of the espadrilles, use this same solution.

Another possibility is to mix water and neutral or sodium soap and brush the shoe with this home-made detergent. It is important to insert gauze or paper towels into the shoe during cleaning to absorb excess moisture.

Tip: To prevent the sneakers from getting wet, never put them in a container with water. Instead, you should imitate a dry cleaning.

Remove Excess Moisture with a Clean Cloth

While cleaning, avoid at all times that the espadrille acquires excess moisture. Therefore, after brushing it, you should remove the excess moisture with a clean, dry cloth. Then brush the espadrille one last time (the brush must be dry).

Air Dry the Espadrille

Finally, put the espadrilles to dry in an outdoor area where the sun does not shine and do not take them back until they are completely dry. You can leave them in the sun for a few hours, but not for long, as the sun eats the colors and the color of your espadrilles could be affected.

Tips to Prevent Espadrilles from Getting Damaged

To keep your espadrilles looking like new, avoid excess moisture, don’t use harsh detergents and skip the washing machine and dryer.

Be Very Careful with Excess Moisture

As we have already mentioned, moisture is the number one enemy of sneakers. For this reason, we advise you to avoid soaking, washing completely or putting your espadrilles in the washing machine.

Do Not Use Corrosive Detergents

When cleaning shoes, we do not recommend using bleach (bleach or chlorine) or active oxygen stain removers. Indeed, they could “eat” the color of the shoes. That is why we recommend that you do not use these products to clean your espadrilles.

Do Not Use the Washing Machine

Do not use the washing machine to clean espadrilles made of jute or esparto. This will prevent the material from decomposing and the jute threads from unraveling.

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