Emptying The Septic Tank To Avoid Bad Odors


Over time, the septic tank begins to accumulate sludge. It is, therefore, necessary to empty the tank. In this article, you will find what you need to know about septic tank emptying.

The steps to perform the emptying


The first step is to check the amount of sludge in your septic tank. With a probe, insert it into the tank to the surface of the sludge layer at the bottom. With the help of the probe, you can find out the height of the sludge layer. Emptying is mandatory if the level is lower than the tank.

In relation to the capacity of the septic tank, the operation can be done in an hour and a half. A professional will use a pumping truck for the operation. To do this, he or she

    • He will flow water from the tank into the first compartment of the truck 
    • He will pump grease and sludge into the second compartment
    • He will proceed to the cleaning of the network of canalization with clear water
    • He will make put it back in the water from the first compartment.

After his intervention, the emptier must provide the owner with a slip containing the following information: the name of the emptier, identification of the vehicle, coordinates of the owner, the date of realization of the work, description, and quantity of the emptied products, and the place of elimination.

Septic tank maintenance

Several cases can occur with a septic tank in bad condition:

    • Rising sludge: in this case, it is wise to call a professional
    • Bad smells: unpleasant odors can arise from the pipes
    • Clogged drains: Clogged pipes can prevent wastewater from flowing through the drains. This leads to the deterioration of the septic tank.

The necessary checks

First, it is necessary to check that the treatment system is not clogged. It is, therefore, necessary to check the condition of the filter, the screen, and the grease trap. Then, it is necessary to make sure that waste water evacuation is done without problem, especially when you flush the toilet.

Cleaning products

Several products are available for septic tank maintenance

    • A biological activator boosts the activity of the bacteria that clean the sludge.
    • Maintenance products that you use to clean the floor and the toilets.
    • There are also ecological products to extend the life of your installations and the time between emptying.

Frequency of septic tank maintenance

As mentioned at the beginning, a professional must do the emptying. A little sludge must be left at the bottom of the tank to ensure the bacteriological process. In order to start the tank again, it is advisable to use expired yogurt or specific products.

Every year it is necessary to check the functioning of the different elements of your septic tank, the water circuit, the ventilation, and the piping. Be careful never to go down into your septic tank when it is open. Indeed, a noxious gas called H2S escapes and can be harmful. If your septic tank is a grease trap, it must be emptied every six months.

On the operational side, it is necessary to check that the septic tank is back in the water. Those in charge of emptying must ensure that the purifying bacteria react to reactivate the pre-treatment process. For safety, children should not be around when the tank is opened to avoid serious accidents such as falls.

Price of emptying a septic tank


The cost of emptying a septic tank can be 225 dollars, excluding taxes, with a price range between 150 and 300 dollars.

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