Wine Stains: Difficult But Not Impossible to Remove from Clothes

Anger! That’s what you feel when someone throws a glass of wine at you or throws it at you. Most of the times, people do not do it on purpose but we all know how difficult some stains are, including wine stains, and maybe on one occasion you found yourself without that piece of clothing you loved so much because it had one of those stains.

While it might seem impossible to remove a wine stain from your clothes, in reality, there are tips that can work wonders as long as you act quickly. And, because we want you to enjoy good wine as best as you can, even when this type of accident happens, we have compiled some different and effective ways to remove a wine stain from your clothes. Eager to learn more? Keep reading below.

Do Not Rub the Garment

The most normal thing is that our first reaction is to run to the bathroom, wet it with water and rub it like there’s no tomorrow to see if it comes out that way. But no, the wine stain doesn’t come out with just water and if we keep rubbing it, at that point the only thing we’re doing to get is spreading the stain.

Take a Napkin

Take a napkin, towel or the most absorbing paper you have on hand at that time. This way, the wine will soak into the garment as little as possible, and it will be much easier to remove it with one of the ingredients we will give you below, as long as you don’t leave it for days.

Simply put the paper towel over the area where the wine spilled and let it absorb as much liquid as possible.

Look at the Label on the Garment

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It will tell you if the garment can be hand or machine washed or if it should be dry cleaned. Even if you can’t do anything about it right now, you already know whether you’ll have to go to a dry cleaner (the latter) or whether you can do it yourself at home, with basic products that we all have on hand at home.

Act As Soon As Possible

Although, as we have already said, there are times when you can’t get away, as soon as you can remove the garment and replace it with another one, immediately apply the tips we will give you below. We know that, depending on the time you get home, you can be very lazy, but it is important not to leave the stain for too many hours if we want it to disappear completely.

Try Milk

Yes, you’ve read that right, Milk can help you remove wine stains because it acts as an acid. The technique is very simple – just heat the milk on the fire in a container. Then put the stained garment in the container with milk and leave it for the necessary time, until you see that the stain dissolves. When this happens, remove the garment and wash it as usual.

Talcum Powder Can Work Wonders Too

While it is true that it is harder to have talcum powder at home or on hand, what you probably have is cornstarch. Choose the option that works best for you. Put a generous (but not excessive) amount on the garment and let it dry. When this happens, wipe a cloth over it to remove the remaining residue and you will see that the stain has not continued to spread and has been absorbed. You can then wash it with water and detergent.

Do Not Overlook Salt

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If you are away from home, this is usually the easiest product to get, especially if you are in a restaurant and with friends. If you can get it, the process is the same as with cornstarch and talc. In other words, the salt will not help you remove the wine stain, but it will prevent it from spreading quickly on the fabric and growing. Of course, it’s very important to leave the salt on the stain only as long as necessary, because if you go too far, the stain could become even more embedded.

Last But Not Least: Lemon or Vinegar

Let’s assume that hours have passed and you couldn’t or forgot to remove the red wine stain when it would have been the best time. Don’t worry because there is still a solution: pour a little lemon juice on the stain or, alternatively, a mixture of vinegar and water (50% each) and leave it on the garment for a few minutes. Then clean in the washing machine.

There you are! With those tips, you can easily get rid of wine stains. What other stains are difficult to clean and what are your recommendations? Let is know in the comments below.

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