9 Tips for a Super Clean Bedroom


Our home is where we spend most of our time now. So it’s important to keep it clean. But while we may be in different parts of our home during the day, the bedroom is undoubtedly one of the places we spend the most time, including the nightly sleeping hours.

Here are some tips and tricks that will make you appreciate maintaining order and cleanliness in one of our favorite places in the house.

  1. The First Task of the Day

Don’t leave the room without making your bed. This will be the first accomplishment of the day, it will make it easier for your room to start looking tidy, and it will avoid a common morning temptation: getting back into the covers.

  1. Keep Your Bed Clear

Once you’ve hung it up, avoid putting clothes from the night before in it or filling it with items that would be better off in a desk or bookcase. This will help maintain hygiene and keep your room from becoming the place where everything you didn’t put in its place ends up.

  1. Wash the Sheets and BlanketsHow Often Should You Change Your Sheets? – San Diego – Sharp Health News

This is the best time to maintain every blanket and pillowcase you have on your bed. Not only will it prevent some impurities from accumulating, but you’ll sleep with a clean feeling that will allow you to sleep more comfortably.

  1. The Nightstand

Check every morning what you have on it and leave only what you need. You will avoid filling this space with items that you do not use or that you did not bring from the kitchen.

  1. Check Your Cupboard

While you’re spending time at home, take the opportunity to tidy up your closet. Select your clothes: the ones you still wear, the ones that are still in good condition and you no longer use, and the ones that are damaged; the latter you organize for donation and the latter you throw away.

  1. Change the Air in Your Room

Every morning when you start your day, open your window or door to let the air circulate. This will help you feel a new environment and will facilitate the accumulation of some dust particles that will decrease without affecting your health.

  1. Wash Curtains Regularly

Chances are your curtains will collect dust in no time. If you haven’t pulled them down or cleaned the blinds in a few weeks, your bedroom hygiene may not be complete. While this is not an easy activity, it is very necessary and will help you stay free of impurities that could cause allergies.

  1. What You Should Do with Your Desk

If you also have a work or study space in your room, make sure that it contains only the bare necessities: the cleaner it is, the more focused you will be in your work or school activities. Don’t leave extra dishes, clothes or books in it. Every time you go to use it, remember to clean it to remove any impurities it may contain.

  1. Clean the Floor

This recommendation doesn’t just apply to your bedroom. However, keeping the floor clean, perhaps with an air freshener to your liking, will make your room feel better. A little water with a little detergent will remove any dirt and keep your space protected.

Good physical and mental health starts with a clean and tidy home. Make an effort today to leave everything in its place and you’ll see how your day’s tasks will start to flow in a better way. How did you find those tips? Do you already practice some of the above? Or have some of your own? Share everything with us in the comments below.

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