Tips for Clean and Streak-Free Windows

Of all the household chores, none is as satisfying as cleaning windows. Even if you spend 15 minutes sweating with a sponge and a chamois cloth scrubbing the windows, when everything dries and the sun shines on the windows, the result is one big streak that is even worse than when you decided it needed to be cleaned. If you also face similar situations, here are some tips to help you out!

What Will You Need?

You don’t need any tricks or special cleaning tools to get streak-free windows. All you need is:

-A bucket

-Squeegee or windshield wiper


-Chamois cloth

-Microfiber cloth

-Kitchen stepladder

-Old newspaper (optional)

-Detergent, ammonia, vinegar for cleaning


Now that you have everything in place, it’s time to wash your windows. The following step-by-step plan will help you get your windows sparkling clean and streak-free.

Indoor Washing

If you’re planning to wash the window glass from indoors, you need to remove everything from the window frame to make it easier and avoid knocking anything over. For taller windows, you can use a kitchen ladder to help. That way, you can reach everything easily.

Stubborn Stains

Do you have stubborn stains on your windows, such as bird droppings or sand? Then make sure to remove these first. Sand on the outside of the window can be removed with a garden hose, and bird droppings can be removed with a bit of toothpaste.


Use hot water and a small amount of detergent or vinegar to clean the glass. Too much detergent will leave streaks, so be careful with the detergent. If grease stains on windows are severe, spray a dash of ammonia. For clearer windows, you may want to add dishwasher detergent. Want a home and garden, and kitchen solution? Cleaning windows with warm water and sliced onions can also help prevent streaking!

Get a squeegee, sponge, chamois and cloth, and you’re ready to go.

Wet the window well with the sponge; this will help to absorb a lot of the dirt. You can then make new soapy water and clean the window again.

Woman, Window, Cleaning, Person, Female, Housework
Woman, Window, Cleaning, Person, Female, Housework

Using The Squeegee

This time, take over the squeegee. You have to work from top to bottom, or the water will run down where it has been dried. It is best to work from left to right and top to bottom.  The squeegee should be cleaned with a damp chamois before each new pass.

Clean the squeegee with newspapr; this will help absorb residual moisture and does not leave streaks. Then, clean the frames with a microfiber cloth.

How Often Should You Clean The Windows?

Cleaning the windows is of course up to you and depends on how quickly the windows get dirty. Most people wash their windows once a month in summer and once every two to three months in winter.

The frequency of window cleaning depends mainly on how dirty they are and whether the stains and fingerprints stick quickly or not. It is recommended that you clean your windows at least once every three to four months. Taking good care of your windows will save you time and make it more enjoyable to look outside.

The Ideal Time To Wash Windows

You may see annoying stains and dirt on your windows, particularly on sunny days, and want to clean it immediately. However, it is best to wash the windows on a cloudy day, and the sun dries the windows too quickly, and the streaks will come right out.

If you’re still having trouble cleaning your windows, you can contact the team at Quality Windows Washer LLC. They provide both residential and commercial window and gutter cleaning services to Summerville, Charleston and Mount Pleasant.

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