Top 5 Tips For Cleaning Your Apartment In Under An Hour


Cleaning your home or apartment can be a real hassle, and sometimes you are too tired to clean your house. However, cleaning your home regularly is better than cleaning it all at once, which means you have more work on your hands. Because we don’t always have the time or the motivation to do a major cleaning, we sometimes end up with a messy apartment and a kitchen that’s not as clean as we’d like. 

And of course, this is when your friends decide to pay you an impromptu visit. It’s panic; you have little time left to make your apartment as presentable as possible. Don’t worry, it is possible! So without further ado, let’s dive further into this blog and learn our tips for cleaning your apartment in under an hour.

1. The bathroom


Prioritize what needs to be cleaned! It’s unlikely that your guests will show up in your shower, so you can use a self-cleaning spray to rinse off while you’re taking care of the toilet. Dip an effervescent block into the flush to continuously clean and run an anti-bacterial wipe over the seat to freshen things up. Shake out the shower mat, sweep and sponge the sink, and you’re ready to go! You should get this done in 10 minutes, top, and I know this is a dreadful task, and this is why you need to start with it.

2. Dusting

Arm yourself with a feather duster or a dusting cloth, put on your favorite song, and go on the attack. Dance while dusting your tables, shelves, and dressers. Also, think about mirrors and shaking out the plaids and cushions on your couch through the window. This is also a straightforward task to do, and it is relatively easy to do. If you are allergic to dust like me, then wear a mask while doing this to avoid all those sneezing. This task should also not take you more than 10 minutes.

3. Make your bed


Ideally, you should make your bed every morning after getting up. It’s true that sometimes it’s hard to stick to this, but the day you decide to do your quick cleaning, know that a clean and well-made bed boosts your mood. If you’re not one of those people who knows how or has the motivation to make a spotless bed every day, invest in a nice comforter cover and some decorative pillows to throw at the head of your bed for a quick and easy decoration.

One of our tips is to make your bed every day, this will make cleaning up less tedious, and this will make cleaning your apartment faster. This specific task should take you up to 5 minutes if you are replacing everything and 10 minutes if you change your sheets. If you do this every day, then this should take you even less time as your brain will do this on almost autopilot.

4. Revamp your kitchen

The last 2 tasks on our list are some of the longest and will take you up to 15 minutes each, but they are not the most difficult tasks out there. For an effortlessly clean kitchen, start by removing the dishes from the middle, whether they are clean or dirty. Next, wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth, including tiled walls and the cooktop. Shake out your clothes and replace them properly; sweep and empty the trash!

5. Clean your floors


There’s nothing more frustrating than a tidy house with mud on the floor! You’ve got 15 minutes to vacuum the floor and then mop it. If your floors are not very dirty, take advantage of this remaining time to go through all the rooms with a garbage bag and get rid of the papers and trinkets that are lying around.

Final thoughts

I started thinking about cleaning during my relaxation period, and I put on my cleaning playlist. I lipsync and dance with doing my cleaning, which makes cleaning more manageable or more bearable for me. If you don’t make cleaning look like a task that you dread doing, it can be fun and therapeutic. 

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about cleaning your apartment in less than 60 minutes.

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