Top 6 Tips To Clean Hard To Reach Places


Regular cleaning may not be enough. Cleaning is very satisfying, it may be tiring, but as soon as you are done, you get to contemplate the squeaky clean surface. But, unfortunately, some places are hard to reach and will forever haunt your peace of mind.

Have you ever felt that everything is not clean because you cannot attain some specific place? I have 10 tips for you to sleep tightly after your cleaning session.

1. Light Fixtures And Cleaning Fan

Fan and lights are things we use every day, and most of the time, their state goes unnoticed because they are up attached to the ceiling, but they are very dirty. Do not worry, cleaning them is not as difficult as it may seem. Fix a microfiber cloth to a mop or broom or anything with a handle you will use to clean the blades and lights.

I recommend microfiber as dust will cling to it rather than flying all the room. Even if you are using a microfiber cloth, I recommend you sweep the floor after to ensure everything is clean. You will be able to perform this without a ladder.

2. Blinds

 Tips To Clean Hard To Reach Places
Tips To Clean Hard To Reach Places

I got your back; go in the kitchen and grab the tongs or old cotton socks. Blinds attract dust like no other thing, and they are not difficult, but they are tedious to clean. Put your hands into it; you may want to damp it slightly and slide it along each slat.

3. Behind The Toilet

You should do this at least once a week; if you let the dirt accumulate for a long time, it will get very, very dirty. It is very hard to reach as your mop does not fit there, so you need to bend, grab your sponge, and clean the solution to get rid of the dirt.

I recommend you spritz your cleaning solution and let it sit for at least 10 min; then, with a clean sponge, you will wipe the surface, rinse the sponge as you go until you have a very clean surface.

4. Shower Head

Your showerhead needs cleaning. The showerhead is one of the things that we forget to clean because water gets through it; you may think it should be clean, but far from it. Normally all showerheads are cleaned through the same process; 1 cup white vinegar and 1/3 cup of baking soda, place the mixture into a plastic bag, and tie it to the showerhead, making sure that the showerhead is immersed mixture.

Let it sit for a minimum of 2 hours and open the shower afterward.

5. Sliding Door And Window Tracks

Tips To Clean Hard To Reach Places
Tips To Clean Hard To Reach Places

This is one of my worst nightmares because I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I read many articles and watched tutorials, but none would help me get rid of the dust in my window tracks until I came into this trick.

You will start by using a vacuum to get rid of the most dust; it does not end there because there will be a lot of stubborn dust to get rid of. You will use 1 tsp of household ammonia and dish-washing liquid; using a small brush, you will get these hard-to-reach areas and then rinse with water. When you are done, use paper towels or any alternatives to dry it.

6. Keyboards

Have you ever used your keyboards and get irritated every time you see dust in between the keys? I understand, and you don’t need to throw the keyboard away to buy a new one. You may use a cotton bud or even a sticky note to get rid of dust attached to the board.

Cleaning hard-to-reach places will not be hard anymore; let us know if we missed any hard-to-reach places you want us to cover…


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