Tips for Keeping Your Business Premises Clean

A clean business premise provides a professional appearance. After all, the building is the first thing visitors see when they visit your company. It’s also enjoyable for your employees if they can work in a clean and well-maintained work environment. But how can you best clean your commercial premises? Here are some practical tips to help you!

1) Clean Office: Provide Entrance Mats

A clean office starts with a tidy entrance to your commercial space. Therefore, a clean entrance area with good entrance mats is essential. This way, you can be sure that the dirt stays out the door. To ensure that the entrance mats actually do their job, they must be cleaned regularly. For best results, you can have your doormats cleaned by a cleaning service.

2) Keep Your Company Clean by Not Eating at Your Desk

Lunch time allows employees to sit elsewhere to enjoy their lunch or stretch their legs during a walk. Yet, sometimes it creeps in that colleagues sit at their desks to eat. This is not only counterproductive for work but also workplace hygiene. You shouldn’t allow employees to eat at their desk except in the cafeteria or outdoors to avoid this.

3) Ensure Clean Windows and Facades

Clean windows literally give a clear view of your business. A clean office also includes streak-free windows. This is especially important if you have a store or showroom as it helps make an excellent first impression. Taking care of window cleaning yourself can be quite laborious, not to mention those windows that are at great heights or in hard-to-reach places. Also, don’t forget about the facade of your building. Not only does cleaning the facade give your business a fresh look, but it is also essential in the long run to keep your property in good condition.

4) Clean The Lights

Overhead lights can be a real challenge to keep clean. This task doesn’t need to be done as often as the others on the list, but it is an important yet often overlooked task. Dust can easily accumulate inside the lamp, making it look bad and losing productivity. For this task, you will need a ladder to reach the light fixture safely.

When cleaning light fixtures, make sure that all bulbs are working and replace any that are out. Office lighting is essential for reading and staying alert while working. By keeping the lighting clean, you protect your employees’ eyes and let your customers know that they have a bright future ahead of them when they work with you.

5) Set Up Enough Trash Cans for a Clean Space

Messy workplaces quickly arise if there are not enough trash cans or if they are not in the right place. Therefore, make sure there is a trash can near each desk or workstation. That way, employees will never have to walk far to get rid of their trash. You can also put handy recycling bins in the kitchen or other strategic places. But of course, you shouldn’t be stuck with trash cans. Emptying the bins on time is just as important.

6) A Clean and Tidy Office Thanks To Scheduled Collection Days

A helpful tip for keeping an office tidy with the whole team is to schedule a “collection day” at the end of each month. For example, everyone at a set time looks at which items are still being used and those which are no longer useful. In the latter case, they can be given away to someone else or thrown away when they are no longer useful to anyone. By doing this cleaning session every month, your workspace stays neat and tidy.

7) Thorough Office Cleaning: Hire a Cleaning Company

With an orderly attitude and a series of intelligent measures, you can do a lot to keep your business premises clean effectively. However, we can imagine that you prefer to focus on other things. Things that you are really good at and that generate value for your customers. Therefore, consider outsourcing your office cleaning to a cleaning company like Empire Bins in Sydney, Australia. Besides, they also provide bin rental services for both small and major clean-up tasks.

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