The Importance of Portable Steamers During Your Cleaning Process


An effective method, often underestimated, but which once again proves to be the winning weapon to easily eliminate germs and bacteria from surfaces and fabrics is the portable steamer, which respects the environment and avoids waste. The choice between a towed steam cleaner, a portable steam cleaner, a steam vacuum cleaner, a steam floor cleaner or a steam broom depends on the cleaning needs, but the result is always the same: a solution that guarantees the complete hygiene of the whole house.

The natural power of steam is valuable aid not only for extraordinary cleaning, but also for everyday cleaning. It uses only a minimal amount of water and the sanitizing power is given by the high temperature that is reached; this means: stop using chemical soaps and detergents to remove stains and stubborn dirt and stop wasting. This method of cleaning is also beneficial for allergy sufferers as the steam eliminates dust mites and allergens, which greatly improves the air quality in the rooms of the house.

Contrary to popular belief, convenience is one of the benefits of steam cleaning, especially if your steam cleaner is also portable. What does that mean? There are 2-in-1 steam cleaners: in addition to being suitable for cleaning floors and carpets, they also turn into portable steam cleaners, meaning that they have a part that can be used separately to comfortably reach the most difficult spots; for example, there are some portable steam cleaner that will easily help you concentrate the steam in the smallest areas and the narrowest spaces.

In general, all these types of devices are equipped with different accessories, each with a different purpose: plugs, toothbrushes of different types, cloths, glass frames, brushes, steam concentrators, wallpaper nozzles, etc. Wondering what you can clean with those portable cleaners?

Here are 5 things that you can clean with portable cleaners:


Cleaning the floor every day is not enough to ensure total hygiene: buckets, mops, cloths and even detergents can’t remove the dirt that gets stuck between the joints. Your steam cleaner, on the other hand, also helps: direct the steam jet directly onto the joints; use the brush to remove the embedded dirt, rubbing gently: you don’t need much force, it’s the steam that acts to dissolve and remove the dirt.

Drain pipes

Clogged drains? What an inconvenience! The solution doesn’t have to be a chemical. To remedy this nasty problem, we often use aggressive chemical products that are very polluting and harmful to our health. Better to rely on natural methods, such as salt, lemon, baking soda, vinegar, which are also effective in eliminating bad odors.

Also in this case, steam becomes the perfect ally and with a portable, light and handy steam cleaner, even this boring job can become fast; on the contrary, don’t wait to smell a bad odor or to see water remaining in your sink. Among your extraordinary steam cleaning activities, also include cleaning the drains to prevent them from getting clogged.

Cooktops and Grills

Perfect kitchen hygiene should be the order of the day, even though time for a thorough daily cleaning is often scarce. With a portable steam cleaner, you can devote yourself carefully to cooktop hygiene: direct the steam around the stove and dry with a cloth. Within minutes, food residue and embedded dirt will be gone.


Your portable steam cleaner is also useful for cleaning the oven. In addition to dissolving embedded dirt, it’s also ideal for cleaning the inside and outside of the door glass. Apply the microfiber cap to collect the dirt dissolved by the steam.

Curtains and Sofas

The portable steam cleaner is also ideal for freshening up and removing bad odors from home textiles, such as curtains and sofas. A real panacea for the hygiene of your living room.


Don’t forget the car. With the portable steam cleaner you can comfortably sanitize your car too. Vacuum the dirt first, then trust the steam to complete the cleaning of your car’s upholstery.

There you are! Did we miss anything from this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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