3 Best Alternatives To Paper Towels


All cleaning freaks will know the struggle when it comes to paper towels. It is difficult to cut back their use completely, but I have found ways to swap to reduce their usage.

It is very difficult for me to use swaps of paper towels; I have tried a lot till I got the one that fits my requirement the most.


We use paper towels for three main purposes at home: dry hands, wipe counters, and clean surfaces in general. As mentioned above, I went through a panoply of substitutes for a paper towel before finding the perfect match. I wanted to cut back on a paper towel because I wanted to be more environmentally friendly, and for economic reasons, let’s be, the honest cost of paper towels can add up so fast.

Let’s put this into context; at home, we use about 8 rolls of paper towel per month, equal to 20 dollars if not more, which is 240 dollars a year. It may not sound like a huge amount, but in times of struggle, 240 dollars are precious.

Bar Mop Towels

3 Best Alternatives To Paper Towels
3 Best Alternatives To Paper Towels

One of the best alternatives to a paper towel is bar mop towels. I used them to wipe down counter-tops. Bar mop towels have a lot of advantages;

They are thick and absorbent, making them the perfect towel for the kitchen, as splashes of water are very frequent. On top of this, it is also very smooth, so it won’t leave any scratch if you decide to dry your kitchen utensils with it.

Bar mop towels won’t disappoint you; they can do different tasks. You can have one for each section; counter-top, utensils, and floor (I am telling you it’s good for absolutely everything).

It is very easy to clean, too; throw them in a bucket of warm water along with some mild detergent. Let it soak overnight; rub it and wash it with fresh water in the morning. Let it air-dry.

Swedish Dish Towels 

Did you know that one Swedish dishcloth has the capacity of replacing a minimum of 15 rolls of paper towels?

They work similarly to sponges in that they morph when wet and may be used to clean counters and dishes. I like how thin they are and how easily they can be cleaned in small spaces. They’re also safe to use on any surface.

When we’re done with the dinner dishes at the end of the day, I toss any sponges or Swedish Dish Cloths into the top rack of the dishwasher, ring out the water when the cycle is through, and let them air dry.

3 Best Alternatives To Paper Towel
3 Best Alternatives To Paper Towel

Flour Sack Towels

You’re losing out if you’re not using flour sack towels. These vintage towels may be used in various ways, but my favourite is to lay them out on the counter to dry drip dishes. I also use them to dry dishes by hand because they are so light. They dry in about an hour. They’re also lint-free and ideal for cleaning large surfaces like windows.

Have you ever seen a cook with a towel draped over his shoulder or tucked into a cover? It’s a flour sack towel, to be precise. Flour sack towels can be used in various ways in the kitchen. They can be used to keep warm loaves of bread and other baked goods, dry out organic products, keep greens and salad items wet and fresh, and strain homemade jellies and yoghurt cheese. Flour sack towels are also safe to use around food because they don’t contain colours or dyes.

There are so many uses to flour sack towels that you may want to carry a little research to use them to their full capacity.

I would recommend that you try any of these alternatives, it will save you some dollars, and I can assure you that you won’t regret it. In the comments, let us know what you think about the alternatives that I have mentioned above…

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  1. My friend recently moved into his new apartment unit so he can stream his games and do office work without distractions. I love your idea of investing in Swedish dishcloths since they can easily absorb anything without odor! I’ll be sure to suggest this idea to him so we could visit a store that sells them!

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