Cleaning After Moving


You’ve recently moved into a new apartment. Your first 24 hours in your new apartment or home are very important. You will need to clean everything to sit in peace without feeling like you are marinating in the dirt. 

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new apartment in Chicago where your rent has doubled from your previous location, or you’ve downsized to a smaller London flat, you’ll need to conduct some final cleaning before you unpack. If you are a cleaning freak like me, this has been running through your mind since you’ve signed that contract and sent your stuff to the new apartment… I can’t unpack my stuff and organize it without thorough cleaning… 

That’s a promise!

It will never be simpler to clean your new apartment than the first time you take possession of the keys. Take advantage of the extra space and use this simple cleaning checklist to make your home a clean haven for you and your belongings. You can always trust a professional maid service to assist you with this one if you need it.

Now let us get into the cleaning… 

Cleaning After Moving

Inspect The Closet Closely

Let’s be honest on this one; no one ever cleans their closet often. We may organize our closet often but cleaning it? I don’t think so. It’s doubtful that you’ll ever clear out the closets once they’re filled with your clothes, jewelry, and shoes.

Dust the corners and think about lining shelves with vinyl or colorful paper; choose something you can remove later on because some rentals are very strict about those. 

The shelf liner is attractive, easy to clean, and conceals any unsightly scratches or stains left by previous renters. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Clean And Sanitize That Bathtub

After you’ve cleaned the tub and removed all traces of the previous person who bathed there, you’re far more likely to enjoy a soak. Wipe down the bathtub with dish soap and a sponge to clean quickly. It’ll be a piece of cake.

Do not forget to remove any attachments, as there could be a lot of dirt in there. Keep in mind that people were soaking in there, so you better wash it clean. 

Make Those Floors Sparkle

Under your own feet, your floor will get filthy enough. You’ll surely want to tidy up after the last renter. Cleaning hardwoods, laminate, and tile using steam mops are quick and easy. If you’re mopping hardwoods with a standard mop, make sure it’s moist rather than sopping, and use a cleaner that matches the floor’s finish.

Carpet cleaners may normally be rented from supermarkets and hardware stores for carpeted areas, or you can hire a professional if the task is significant. Depending on your lease agreement and the condition of the carpet, you may be able to negotiate compensation with your landlord.

Ditch the Microbes


Every surface in your new apartment has been touched thousands of times by the past occupants, from the thermostat to the light switch. Take your time with this part and make sure you clean everything thoroughly. Other house repairs that you’ll want from the landlord or owner may also be discovered.

Make sure to sanitize everything and if some places need a little bit of soaking, just do it. For example, surfaces that may contact food, you will want to get that clean. 

Do Not Forget About Cabinets

You’ll be eating off those platters. Wipe them down, use baking soda and water to scrape away anything suspicious, then add a liner for good measure. Put them in the cabinets only after you’ve eaten off their surfaces.

Cleaning is very important when going into a new house, maybe the previous renters had clean or even the owner, but they won’t do a thorough cleaning, so you must do it twice. Let us know in the comments what are your first move when you get into a new house or apartment…

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