How to Keep Your Study Room Clean?

How to Keep Your Study Room Clean?

Cleaning and keeping a house neat and tidy is a basic and crucial human chore and yet we don’t clean as often as we should. When was the last time you deep cleaned the refrigerator or had the closet decluttered? Well, the same goes for a study room.

I’m a cleaning freak and people always ask me why I clean my study room on a regular basis. I don’t know the “scientific” terms about these conditions that the brain takes and processes and bla bla bla…I think I’m going off track now, so back to the point, cleaning the study room on a regular basis or not is condition-dependent – if from the start, you have the habit of studying in clean and tidy places, then you definitely won’t be able to concentrate in a room where the books are piling up at every corner and with shoes and clothes lying here and there. And, for those who are used to studying amidst the mess, believe me, you’ll have a much more peaceful mind and a higher concentration with a clean study room.

Now, let’s get to the “cleaning” phase and don’t worry, you won’t need to take a day off as it’ll take only a few hours…if you haven’t been living in a dumpster, of course.

A Visual Scan

This is a personal tip that can also be used when cleaning your bedroom. Before you start picking up the clutter, take a look around the room and make a mental check of all the stuff you need to throw out and the study supplies you’ll keep. You can even make a list of what you’ve decided to keep and what to throw.

No Shoes in the Study Room

No Shoes in the Study RoomWhen you walk into your study room and sit down to study, it is a common habit to remove your shoes and leave it right there in the room. It is better to leave your shoes outside the room so as to avoid bringing in dust that usually comes with any footwear. And, if you are a keen follower of Vastu Shastra, try not to keep shoes in the study room as the negativity arising from them can lead to a troubled mind.

No Clothes in the Study Room

I guess you won’t find any underwear or a pair of jeans and tees in the study room, but there’ll surely be a few coats and jackets piling up on a chair, right? So, I recommend placing a hook on the back of the door of your study room and using it to hang your coat, bag, etc.

No Food and Drink in the Study Area

Food and beverages are usually restricted in the study area not just because they can easily spill and spoil your study desk, but because they can also lure insects like ants and cockroaches. However, a bottle of water might do no harm.

Eliminate Any Distractions

Eliminate Any DistractionsA study room is meant for reading, writing, studying, computer work or paperwork. However, it can be difficult to concentrate when you are surrounded by distractions – distractions such as mobile phones, tablets, hand-held games, etc. Getting rid of these gadgets will help you to grasp things faster and can increase your focus as well.

Find a Storage Space

Some of the basic things you might need when studying are a computer or laptop, pens and/or pencils, highlighters and a notebook/copybook. So, instead of letting other unnecessary study supplies lying on your desk, why don’t you store them in a closet or in the desk drawers? Or, you can also create a storage space right under your bed.








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