How To Give Your Wood Floor A New Look?


Don’t bother decorating your home with stylish equipment if your wood floor is poorly maintained. In fact, walking on it daily makes it less aesthetic, and it can completely hide your decorations. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about making your wood floor a new shine.

Installing vinyl


Easy to install, vinyl comes in the form of stickers. Because of this, it can cover your old wood floor in no time. The wood itself inspires this material to offer many looks. In fact, it comes in a variety of colors and sizes: white, camel, beige, light-colored planks, etc. Moreover, vinyl is easy to maintain and does not need specific treatment like wood.

Using paint

Before opting for this technique, make sure your floor is raw wood so that it can be painted. Also, apply three coats to make it last. You can choose between:

    • Light beige for a modern, designer look 
    • Dark beige to keep the natural look of the wood while embellishing it 
    • Orange or red for a warm and intimate atmosphere;
    • Brown for a retro and reassuring effect;
    • Black or gray to bring elegance and ;
    • White for a bright look.

If you don’t want to paint the entire floor, it is possible to stain only the damaged boards.

Proceed with the stripping

A paint stripper is most commonly used. If the floor is stained, opt for a liquid stripper or a gel stripper if there are several layers. These products should be applied with a brush to be effective. You can also use a spray stripper that is applied directly to the floor. On the other hand, if you don’t want to expose yourself to chemicals, opt for a steel wool using your feet.

To remove varnish, you can choose between using a chemical-resistant scraper or a wet mop. Then vacuum the surface and make sure it is smooth and clean.

Sanding the surface

If varnishes persist on the surface of the floor, sanding is mandatory. If your floor is too damaged, it is recommended to sand it with a 40-grit paper. Use a 60 or 80 grit sandpaper to proceed with sanding.

Always start by sanding from the center of the room. The direction of the sanding must be the same as the direction of the wood grain. When the wall is reached, return to the center and repeat the process for the opposite side. Continue this process until the entire surface is free of varnish. Always finish by vacuuming to make it smooth. You can cover it with wax to protect it from external aggressions. In any case, the intervention of a specialist in sanding allows you to have a better result.

Oiling the surface

In addition to the shine of your floor’s surface, oiling it will protect it effectively. Make sure it is clean before applying the finishing oil with a Spalter. Wait at least 10 minutes for the product to penetrate the wood before blending in the excess. Apply a second coat the next day using the same procedure, then wait another 24 hours before walking on it.

Bringing the floor back to the same level


Over time, wood floors can become uneven. To remedy this, practice leveling if the unevenness is less significant. This consists of putting a mortar to fill the defects. You can also put solid wood or composite beams over the joists.

You can also double up the floor if the damage is more extensive. Before doing so, you need to cover the old one with joists or resins. A floor repairman can help you do this properly.

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