How To Wash Different Types of Pillows?

Keeping the pillow you sleep on each night clean is necessary to avoid creating an unhealthy environment and inhaling germs and bacteria. In fact, a variety of impurities can accumulate on pillows, so keeping them clean is essential to protect your resting health. But how do you wash your cushions to ensure they are properly sterilized? Here are some tips and products you can use.

Frequency of Cushion Washing

There is no standard period for washing pillows. In fact, some cushions only need to be washed once a month, while others need to be cleaned once a year. However, to prevent dust and bacteria from accumulating, it is recommended that pillows be washed and refreshed at the change of seasons to keep them perfectly clean. The theory is to replace pillows every two years, but a pillowcase can keep them looking beautiful for much longer.

How to Wash Cushions According to Material

Washing cushions depends on the material, so check the label on the inner box and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Here are the types and relative washing instructions.

Goose Down Pillows

Goose-down pillows are soft and delicate, so care should be taken when washing them. They should be placed in a container with a mild disinfectant, soaked in cold water, and left overnight. Then carefully rinse them in cold water and allow them to dry naturally. Massage occasionally to even out the springs.

Latex Cushion

To wash your latex cushion, soak it overnight in warm water with a delicate detergent. Then rinse them well in cold water and hang them outdoors to dry. However, never expose them to direct sunlight. It is also important to emphasize that this cushion should never be machine-washed.

Memory Foam Cushions

How do you wash inertia pillows? As with latex pillows, these should also be hand washed, never machine washed. They should not be tumble dried, either. To hand wash memory foam pillows, use a mild detergent for hand washing or a natural professional disinfectant and soak them in hot water. Soak overnight, then rinse in cold water and spread.

Synthetic Fiber Cushions

Like polyester pillows, synthetic pillows are the easiest pillows to wash. This is ideal if you want to machine wash your cushions and wash them quickly. By choosing a washing machine for delicate clothing, using a mild professional detergent, and running the dryer lightly, you can get a very clean and sanitized cushion quickly.

Woolen Cushions

You will need to remove the contents of the cushion and place it in a mesh bag for delicate clothing.

Sofa Cushions

Sofas and cushions should be cleaned at least once a month. To remove dust and crumbs, vacuum every corner first. For fabric or microfiber sofas, dilute a mild detergent for professional use in 2 liters of water and soak a microfiber cloth in the solution to remove the dirt. For leather or eco-leather sofas, simply wipe with a microfiber cloth lightly soaked in disinfectant after vacuuming.

How to Clean and Care for Feather Bed Pillows

Non-Removable Cushions

To clean the sofa’s non-removable cushions:

  • Take them outside, place them on a flat surface, and gently tap them on both sides with a carpet beater.
  • After checking for color fading, wipe with a well-wringed cloth soaked in a mild detergent.
  • Cover both sides of the cushion, moving it in large motions.
  • Rinse the fabric to remove the detergent and dry the cushion outdoors.

Cushion Covers

For removable cushions, wash cushion covers as usual, following label directions. If there is a stain, first remove the stain with a mild detergent and a damp cloth, then machine wash gently in cold water.

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