The Lazy Person’s Guide: 4 Tips for People Who Hate Cleaning

Cleaning tips for people who hate cleaning

To be honest, I’ve been working on this for a while and I’ve realized that I need to write this article. Not for me. But, for the most important person in my life who is not ashamed at all to admit he hates cleaning. And, also for all those who have some preconceived ideas that cleaning just sucks.

Okay, the annoying thing that after cleaning, your house just gets dirty all over again sucks a little. But, for once, forget about the boring side of the task and leave your “its-not-important-to-me” or “I-don’t-care-about-it” mentality aside. Don’t you think you deserve to enjoy the place you live? Are you entitled to live in that clutter and grime forever?

I understand that it might be difficult for you at that beginning, but it’s only a matter of finding means to incorporate cleaning habits in a way that it doesn’t take over and make you give up your free time.

Wait, is that possible? Really?

Yes, really!

#1. Don’t Procrastinate and keep a schedule

keep a schedule

Tomorrow, I will pick up the clutter. I will clean the bathroom tomorrow. I’ll keep the dusting for tomorrow.

That’s not surprising that “tomorrow” never comes.

If you keep putting off tasks, you will be back where you came from and lose the cleaning motivation you just attained. Most of the stress does not come from the cleaning tasks but rather from the insanely long list that keeps piling up when you neglect them.

That’s why I always recommend adopting a cleaning schedule. I promise it’s a game-changer. It will tell you what to do and when. You won’t be stuck the whole weekend playing Cleaning Lady.

#2. Simplify the process as much as you can

Simplify the cleaning Process

Many of us have the cleaning experience, going from the big top to the bottom all at once, but the reality is that it doesn’t work for all people. For some, it can take forever, while for others, it can get really bad.

Cleaning the entire house all at once can be so overwhelming, leaving you hating cleaning much more. Try wiping down the entire kitchen in one setting and I’m sure you’d end up cursing yourself and banging your head against the wall.

To avoid this stress, I suggest tackling one thing at a time. Today, you sweep and mop the floors and tomorrow, you clean all the kitchen cabinets. This week, you focus on cleaning the bathroom and next week, you tackle the kitchen.

This way, you can afford some rest in between the cleaning sessions.

Here’s another useful tip: try breaking down your tasks as much as possible. You can take a few days rest but make sure you keep at least 15 minutes for some cleaning tasks. These will become your tiny daily habits. Don’t worry, I said tiny.

#3. Keep Cleaning Supplies Where You can Use Them

Keep Cleaning Supplies near

I don’t know for you, but I know some people well enough to say that if they had to go all the way downstairs just to get that Windex, the tiles and mirrors in their bathroom are not going to be cleaned today. Or maybe ever. 

Can’t work over that laziness? Well, try something simple: keep two of every cleaning supply in your house. For instance, one Windex in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. 

#4. Have fun

Have Fun while cleaning

You guys, the number one secret to cleaning is to relax and make as if you are involved in some kind of fun activity. 

Here’s the truth: you probably despise cleaning the house because it takes some of your precious time that could have been spent doing something worthwhile. But, if you give up that thought and create a party vibe in your house, cleaning might not be as boring as you think. 

Can’t figure out how to do it?

  • Sweep the floor while swaying to the beat of your favorite music. 
  • Wipe your kitchen countertops while sipping a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Wash the dishes while catching up with the latest crime thriller. 

You were not born knowing how to clean correctly, so don’t sweat too much if things are not going your way. In the beginning, you’ll experience first-hand the difficulty of getting rid of the clutter. But you know what? These cleaning hacks can make your house 200 % cleaner and make you 200 % happier. 







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