How to Clean Your Window

How to Clean Your Window

How to Clean Your Window



    – Step 1: Prepare the material

    – Step 2: Scrub the glass

    – Step 3: Case 1: Use the squeegee, the French technique

    – Step 3: Case 2: Use the squeegee, the American technique


A clean window is more aesthetic and lets in light and heat more easily. It is therefore essential to clean a window regularly.

There are many tricks to cleaning a window effectively. This post deals with an economical method used by professionals: squeegee cleaning. Once mastered, these few steps will guarantee clean and streak-free windows.

Note: to clean your PVC or aluminum window frame, all you need is a sponge, soapy water, and a cloth. Unfortunately, wood is more difficult to maintain.

1. Prepare the material

Forget the aggressive and not very ecological products:

    – Use a little dish-washing liquid known for its foaming and degreasing properties.

    – Work with cold water so that the washing-up liquid does not evaporate (moreover, you will avoid fogging).

    – Start with the dirtiest side, usually the outside. This will allow you to see how effective you are once you’ve completed the job on the inside.

    – Dust the window frame first so you don’t get your windows dirty again.

    – Avoid cleaning the windows on rainy or sunny days to avoid streaking.

Note: it is not recommended to use methylated spirits, as this product can slightly blue your windows.

2. Scrub the glass

    – Fill a bucket with cold water and a little dish-washing liquid.

    – Dip the wiper or sponge into the bucket, wring it out and scrub to clean the glass.

    – Focus on the stains and use a metal scraper to loosen the dirt if necessary.

    – Clean the entire surface of the glass; the direction of cleaning does not matter.

Caution: do not scratch your dry glass; it could damage it.

3. Case 1: Use the scraper, French technique

There are two techniques for cleaning foam with a squeegee.

    – Squeegee from left to right if you are right-handed and from right to left if you are left-handed.

    – Start at the top of the glass and work your way down.

    – With each new pass, you should cover about 1/3 of the surface already scraped in the previous pass.

    – Clean the squeegee with a cloth between each pass.

    – Apply enough pressure to the squeegee, but don’t press too hard, or you’ll bend the blade or make marks.

    – Once the glass is wholly scraped, remove any dirt that has settled on the frame with a dry cloth.

3. Case 2: Use the squeegee, the American technique

The American technique is more challenging to master:

    – Once your glass is wet, wipe both edges of the vertical jambs and the top horizontal jamb with a cloth.

    – Take your squeegee and place it under the top-left edge of the glass.

    – Move your squeegee to the right, moving it up the jamb.

    – When you get near the top right corner, turn your squeegee to run along the edge of the jamb.

    – Join the left edge of the glass by drawing horizontal 8s or mountains.

    – Repeat these steps for the entire window.

    – Once you reach the bottom of the glass, squeegee horizontally to finish.

Materials needed to clean a window.

Sponge $1 approximately

Glass scraper $2 approx.

Wetting agent Starting at $10

Dish-washing liquid About $2

Recovery cloth

Bucket Starting at $1

Microfiber wipes $4 approx.

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