Oosouji: Everything You Should Know about This Japanese Cleaning Method (Part One)

The Japanese have an ancestral custom on December 28th of each year: the Oosouji, a method of deep cleaning the house, both physically and emotionally, to welcome the New Year.

We explain what Oosouji is, how to practice it and why it is important to have a home with serenity and a sense of freedom.

One of the quintessential Japanese traditions is to perform the Oosouji every December 28, the perfect time to do a complete and thorough cleaning of the house, inside and out.

This Japanese ritual is also considered a relaxation and emotional or mental cleansing technique, as it proposes to get rid of the past in order to turn to the future. In other words, this cleansing is understood as a healing and spiritual component that frees us from burdens and negative emotions.

Want to know more about this ancient Japanese discipline? We explain everything about Oosouji and tell you how to practice it.

What Is the Oosouji Cleaning Method?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Oosouji method is a thorough cleaning and tidying up of the whole house to ensure a renewed energy in the environment and cleaner and purer air.

The Japanese perform this ancient cleaning every December 28, a few days before receiving the New Year. Others even practice it at the beginning of the year, in January.

However, Oosouji is a method of cleanliness and order that can be practiced at any time of the year because of its emotional implications. For example, you can practice it when you consider that you are “starting over”. In conclusion, the ideal time to perform it will always depend on you.

In addition, Oosouji is not limited to cleaning the house. You can also practice it in your workplace, office or in a place that you consider important.

Marie Kondo was inspired by the Oosouji to create her own. This cleaning technique is also compatible with the BISOU method, a French technique based on sustainability.

Benefits of Oosouji

Although the greatest benefit is to get a clean, tidy and renewed home, the Oosouji also has multiple benefits on a physical and mental level. We see them below:

Time Saving

By applying this method you will be able to save time when looking for things or carrying out the main maintenance tasks at home . In general, cleaning will be lighter.

Goodbye to Negative Feelings

This method seeks your maximum well-being and, therefore, it is based on the idea of ​​eliminating from your life all the objects that bring you negative emotions and feelings. Don’t be sorry to throw them away. Getting rid of unnecessary things brings a feeling of freedom.

Increase Your Well-Being and Quality of Life

A place that exudes tranquility and harmony favors well-being and quality of life. And while practicing Oosouji takes effort, keep in mind that it’s a cleanliness habit you’ll enjoy in the long run.

Without Pending Accounts and with Clear Objectives

The Japanese consider it bad to start the New Year with debts or unfulfilled commitments. Therefore, by doing the Oosouji, they also settle their debts, pay outstanding bills and unresolved issues. This ensures that they start the year off right and have clearer thinking.

Finally, the Oosouji also improves the level of concentration and places your mentality in the present thanks to the reset effect caused by deep cleaning.

So what are your thoughts on this cleaning technique? Let us know in the comments below.

Wondering how you can practice it as well? Come back to check out the second part of our article where we will talk all about putting the Oosouji method into practice.


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