How To Properly Clean The Toilet?

Cleaning toilets may not be the most enjoyable of janitorial jobs or chores. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. It needs to be clean! Here are some tips to clean your toilet as quickly and effectively as possible.

1) Chlorine Is Not (Always) Necessary!

Scrubbing your toilet with chlorine is not always necessary. Chlorine kills all bacteria but does not necessarily clean. Toilet detergents are good for the environment and your health (but use them correctly). If it is crucial to kill all pathogens, such as if a family member or co-worker has been infected with a virus, cleaning with chlorine can help. Are there calcium deposits in the toilet? With washing vinegar, the deposits will disappear like snow in the sun.

2) Pay Attention to Contact Surfaces

When cleaning, do not forget important contact surfaces. This includes door handles, door locks, light switches, flush knobs, and tap knobs. In short, everything is frequently touched by people using the restroom.

3) Why Do You Need to Remove Limescale From the Toilet Bowl?

Because of the mineral content of water, limescale remains and quickly accumulates, especially in problematic water areas. In the toilet bowl, it is not very noticeable at first, but eventually creates deposits that look dirty. In addition, limescale deposits in places that are hard to reach with a toilet brush, so routine cleaning does little to prevent stubborn limescale from forming in the toilet.

4) Observe the Correct Order

It is essential to clean toilets in a particular order. This means working from the highest to the lowest and from the least soiled to the most soiled. Start with the walls around the toilet (where you can reach without leaning over the still-dirty toilet bowl), then clean the basin, lid, toilet seat, and finally the toilet bowl. Otherwise, you are just spreading dirt all over the place.

5) Fold the Cleaning Cloth

If you divide the cleaning cloth into sections and fold it, you can, in principle, clean the entire toilet with one cloth. Then you take the clean side of each section. Not sure which side of the cloth is still clean? Then take a clean cloth in your hand. Otherwise, you will likely just smear and spread the dirt.

6) Rinse the Toilet Brush

You really don’t need to replace your toilet brush every month. Once you have scrubbed the toilet with the brush and sanitizing cleaner, leave the brush in the toilet with the cleaner for a while. This will allow the brush to soak up the dirt and become clean again. If you flush the toilet after cleaning, wash the brush immediately.

7) Pay Attention to the Exterior

Toilet cleaning focuses on the toilet bowl, the outside rim, and the toilet seat, but you can also clean the rest of the toilet.To do so, you can also use a vinegar and soda solution.

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8) Don’t Forget the Floor, Door Handles, and Wall Tiles

The floor of the smallest room should also be cleaned regularly, especially in the bathrooms that men also use. It is best to vacuum first, then clean with water and green soap.

The door handles, and the wall tiles around the toilet and faucet should also be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. You can do it by using vinegar and carbon dioxide.

9) Clean Toilet Mats

Some people place toilet mats in their toilets. Such mats need to be washed regularly in the washing machine. Of course, we don’t want bacteria to spread in a toilet that has just been cleaned, which is why cleaning the mats is also essential. These mats can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius, just like the microfiber cloths you use to clean your own toilet.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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