How to Clean Stains on Leather

How to Clean Stains on Leather

How to Clean Stains on Leather


Removing DIY and gardening stains from leather

Cleaning food stains from leather

Removing household stains from leather

Removing organic stains from leather

Removing cosmetic and health product stains from leather

Remove stationery and decorative stains from leather

Removing cigarette/burn and nicotine stains from leather

List of detergents for cleaning stains on leather

Most stains on leather and hair will come out after a more or less prolonged rubbing with soapy water.

You can also clean a stain on leather with laundry detergent, bicarbonate, oil, multi-purpose detergent, vinegar, soap, or dishwashing liquid that is not harmful to the body.

Alcohol at 90°, white spirit, gasoline, and hydrogen peroxide (smokers beware!) are tolerated as long as you rinse them well and do not ingest them. On the other hand, avoid ammonia or bleach, which will harm your leather.

Finally, there is nothing like lemon or baking soda to remove a stubborn odor!

Remove DIY and gardening stains from leather

Oil paint stains (glycerophtalic)

To remove an oil paint stain, you normally use white spirit. To avoid this unpleasant detergent on your hands, try rubbing your fingers with vegetable oil.

Soap your hands well.

Water-based paint stains (acrylics)

A water-based paint stain on the hands does not stand up to intensive soaping.

Grease stains

To remove a grease stain on leather:

Rub a few drops of F-gasoline on the stained leather.

Soap well.

Tar/oil stains

To clean a fuel oil stain on the hands:

Place a little white vinegar in the palm of your hand.

Rub your hands under a tap of warm water.

Add soap.

Rinse off.

Note: fuel oil (and vinegar) smell tends to linger. To remove it, rub your hands with a bit of mustard.

Resin stains

To remove a resin stain on leather:

Mix soap with butter.

Rub the mixture on the leather.

Wash with clean water.

Another effective detergent: another fatty substance (oil, white spirit…).

Grass stain

A grass stain on leather will simply wash away with warm water.

Gasoline stains

To erase a gasoline stain on leather:

Dab a few drops of white spirit on the stain.

Soap it up.

Mechanical oil stains

To remove engine grease from leather:

Purchase a leather protectant cream.

Apply this cream to the stain.

Rinse off.

Glue stains

To remove a glue stain from leather:

Apply a cotton ball dipped in olive oil to the stain.

Rub in with your finger.

Remove residue with soap and water.

Cleaning food stains on leather

Cleaning food stains from leather

How to Clean Stains on Leather

To remove an oil stain from leather:

Apply a general-purpose detergent with your finger.

Add water and scrub.

Wash with clean water.

Cherry stains

If your hand is red from eating cherries, wash it with soap and water.

Tomato stains

To remove a tomato stain from leather:

Wet the stain under water.

Add soap.

Rub the stain with it.

Wash with clean water.

Blueberry stains

To remove a blueberry stain from leather, a little water and vinegar will do the trick!

Don’t forget to rinse!

Butter and grease stains

To remove a butter stain from leather:

Rub the stained leather with a general-purpose detergent.

Run the treated leather under a tap of cold water.

Strawberry stains

To eradicate a strawberry stain on the hand:

Pour over vinegar in the palm of your hand.

Rub both hands together.

Then soap them.

Wash with clean water.

Raspberry stains

To get rid of a raspberry stain on leather:

Scrub leather with a sponge of vinegar water.

Scrub with a little soap.

Rinse thoroughly.

Chewing gum stains

To get rid of a chewing gum stain stuck in the hair, for example:

Apply olive oil to the affected strands with a tissue.

Smooth out with a brush.

Clean your hair with your regular shampoo.

Curry sauce stains

To remove a curry stain from your nails, dip your nails in a glass of lemon juice for a few seconds.

Another effective detergent is toothpaste.

Grape stains

To get rid of a grape stain on leather, rub it with a damp washcloth soaked in vinegar. Soap and rinse.

Beet stains

To remove a beet stain from your hands:

Rub the stain with not-too-hot vinegar.

Add soap.

Rinse off.

Mustard stains

A mustard stain on leather?

Rub your hands with liquid soap.

Wash with clean water.

Carrot stains

To remove a carrot stain from leather:

Dab the stain with a damp sponge.

Wipe off.

Removing household stains from leather

Bleach stains

Wash with plenty of cold water to remove a bleach stain on leather.

Caution: bleach is dangerous to your leather, nails, and lungs. If exposed, do not wait to get rid of it.

Removing organic stains from leather

How to Clean Stains on Leather

Blood stains

A bloodstain on leather will disappear if it comes into contact with a large amount of cold water.

Caution: do not use hot water, as this will cause the blood to clot and stick to the stain, the opposite of the desired effect!

Insect stains

To remove an insect stain from leather:

Moisten the stain with water.

Scrub with soap.

Clean with cold water.


Bird droppings stains

To remove bird droppings stain from leather, rub the dirt with warm water.

Cleaning cosmetic and health product stains from leather

Hair dye stains

Cover the stained leather with acne cream to clean a hair dye stain.

Another effective detergent is cigarette ash.

Makeup stains

A little makeup remover on a cotton swab will remove a makeup stain from the leather.

Eosin stains

Eosin forms a stubborn stain on leather. Don’t be in a hurry; it will only come off after a few days of regular cleansing with soapy water.

Foundation stains

Apply a cotton ball soaked in a mild makeup remover to remove a foundation stain from the leather.

Another effective detergent is soap.

Sebum stains

To remove a sebum stain on leather, spread a moisturizing liquid or day cream on the area to be treated.

Nail polish stains

To remove nail polish from leather:

Rub the stain with a cotton ball containing mild nail polish remover.

Wash the leather thoroughly after this treatment.

Removing stationery and decorative stains from leather

Candle stains

To remove a candle stain from leather:

Place the stained area under a tap of warm water.

Scrape the wax off with your fingernail.

Ink stains from felt-tip pens and markers

To remove a marker ink stain from leather, dab a cotton ball moistened with rubbing alcohol on the stain.

Permanent ink ballpoint pen stains

To remove ballpoint pen stain from leather, soak the stained area in plenty of soapy water for several minutes.

Note: to achieve this effortless stain removal, why not simply take a bath?

Fluorescent or highlighter stains

To remove a highlighter stain on leather:

Smear the stain with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

Remove the residue with clear water.

White-out stains

To remove a pen eraser stain from leather:

Pour nail polish remover on the stain.

Rub with your finger until the dirt is completely removed.

Soap the treated leather.

Carbon paper stains

To remove a carbon paper stain on leather, rub the stain with liquid soap.

Note: this cleaning may take some time.

Removing cigarette/burn and nicotine stains from leather

To get a nicotine stain out of your leather:

Rub a cotton cloth moistened with hydrogen peroxide against the stained leather.

Immediately wash the treated leather with soapy water.

Note: This technique is more effective and less damaging to leather than a bleach treatment. However, it takes time. What’s more, the stain will reform quickly in smokers. Don’t worry if the leather becomes discolored. This white stain goes away with the cleaning.

List of detergents for cleaning stains on leather

Extra green olive oil

White spirit



White vinegar


Bicarbonate of soda


Can of bleach

General cleaning product

10% Benzoyl Peroxide Cream

Bottle of sweet almond milk for the body

Gentle eye makeup remover

Bottle of nail polish remover

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