5 Easy Steps for Cleaning a Dishwasher

Easy Steps for Cleaning a Dishwasher

5 Easy Steps for Cleaning a Dishwasher


Step 1: Clean the dishwasher door

Step 2: Clean the baskets and plate holders

Step 3: Clean the tank filter

Step 4: Clean the wash arms

Step 5: Run a cleaning cycle

The dishwasher is found in many homes and saves considerable time compared to washing by hand. It is crucial to perform a few necessary steps for proper maintenance to keep your precious helper working in your kitchen for a long time.

Here are our tips for cleaning your dishwasher.

1. Clean the dishwasher door

Moisten a soft cloth with clear water.

With the soft cloth, clean the body of the appliance and its control panel.

Also, clean the door seals. To do this:

Soak the soft cloth with water mixed with vinegar.

Rinse with clean water and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

Caution: never clean your dishwasher with chemicals or abrasives.

2. Clean the baskets and plate holders

Easy Steps for Cleaning a Dishwasher

Remove all plate holders or baskets from your dishwasher to clean them.

To do this, use a sponge and dishwashing liquid and wash each item thoroughly before rinsing.

To make it easier, wait until you’ve finished cleaning the dishwasher to put them back in place.

Tip: Due to the size of the baskets, it will be easier to clean them in your bathtub!

3. Clean the tank filter

Once you have removed the various dish holders or glasses, accessing the filter at the bottom of the tub is easy.

Unscrew the filter and clean it under running water.

Dry it with a soft cloth.

Screw it back on, making sure it is secure.

4. Clean the wash arms

Each season, the wash arms of the dishwasher should be cleaned to remove particles that clog the holes and affect the quality of your dishwashing.

To do this:

If possible, disassemble the wash arms and rinse them with clean water.

Debris can clog the holes: clean them with a toothbrush or use a toothpick to unclog them.

Then replace the scrub arms properly in the holder.

5. Run a cleaning cycle

Finish cleaning your dishwasher by running a short, empty program.

Start by wiping the inside walls with a sponge to remove significant residues and replace the plate holders and other dish storage racks.

Then run your dishwasher on an empty “short rinse” program by adding the following:

One cup of vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher: the vinegar will clean and descale your entire dishwasher and eliminate foul odors.

Half a cup of bleach (handle with gloves): Bleach is ideal for eliminating all traces of mildew and bacteria.

With these few simple steps, you can ensure that your dishwasher will last a long time and keep your precious appliance working for you for a long time.

Materials needed to clean a dishwasher






Cleaning gloves

Dishwashing liquid

White vinegar

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