Nail Polish Remover: 5 Uses That Have Nothing to Do With Your Nails

Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover: 5 Uses That Have Nothing to Do With Your Nails

Unless you’re into DIY (Do it yourself) and make your own nail polish remover, you may have a stockpile of nail polish remover lying around in your closets from when your kids were still at home or when you never went out with bare nails.

Instead of pouring acetone down the drain, reuse your nail polish remover for a variety of things around the house: degreaser, stain remover, nail polish remover… Discover 5 original uses for nail polish remover!

1. Removes paint stain

While working, it’s easy to be a little clumsy… A drop of paint here, a brushstroke there, not to mention the drips along the pots.

Anticipate a little, and protect your surfaces! Paint remover is effective on glass:

    – Rather than scratching the glass at the risk of scratching it, prepare a cloth soaked in nail polish remover.

    – Ventilate the room while you dab the paint stain.

    – Leave it there until the paint softens.

    – Rub again until the paint is gone, and clean the surface with a cloth or sponge dampened with water.

To remove a water-based paint stain, nail polish remover is ideal on silk: soak the fabric in a bath of warm soapy water and nail polish remover, rinse in a bath of warm water with a sugar cube, wrap the fabric in a towel and finish drying flat.

2. Dissolves glue

Nail polish remover is the ally of clumsy DIYers:

    – Don’t damage your skin by trying to scrape off the strong glue residue.

    – Apply a cotton ball soaked in solvent until the glue dissolves.

    – Rinse with warm water and soap so that the acetone does not penetrate the skin.

Note: you can also gently file off the residue, but if your fingers are stuck together, just go to the emergency room!

3. Removes stickers

Nail Polish Remover

Isn’t it annoying to see that sticker underneath your new dishes? Isn’t it even more annoying that you can only peel off half of it?

From now on, that little glue film will no longer resist you: on ceramic or metal surfaces, rub the label with a cloth soaked in nail polish remover. That’s all there is to it!

For decorative stickers (which were so much fun to put on your car windows or your windows at Christmas), which turn out to be much less repositionable than expected, you can:

    – Moisten the blade of a knife with nail polish remover or soapy water.

    – Gently run the blade under the sticker.

    – Replace the sticker wherever you like.

4. Erases ink stains

Ouch, another stained garment on the way home from school! Fortunately, there is no such thing as solvent-resistant ink.

    – Gently dab the stain with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover.

    – If the stain is still there, put the garment in the washing machine.

On the skin, nail polish remover can also be used to remove ink stains that are resistant to soap and water.

Good to know: nail polish remover is also effective against correction fluid stains.

5. Removes melted plastic

A plastic bag too close to the toaster or placed directly on the still-hot hotplates, a plastic container too thin to handle the oven, and you’re left with a runny, sticky toasted dough.

    – Start by turning off all heat-emitting appliances and letting them cool down.

    – With a rag soaked in nail polish remover, scrub the stricken surface.

    – Wipe off any nail polish remover that may remain on the area.

Good to know: also effective on the iron, the straightening/curling iron… 

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