How To Clean Glass Doors?

Glass doors are a new style trend that effectively renovates the interior of your home. Indeed, they beautify your frame to the best and modernize your dealership enough. But, when opting for this type of door, many are faced with the problem of cleaning. Otherwise, they fail to maintain this type of door effectively due to its material. However, what tips do you use to clean glass doors properly? Here is what you need to know about it.

Use a Smooth Sponge To Clean

Considering the glass that makes up the doors, you will need to use a proper accessory for cleaning. For this, it would be ideal to use a smooth sponge to maintain your glass doors. In fact, soft sponges have the advantage of being less aggressive towards the material. By using them, you will not be able to scratch or damage the surface of your doors.

Also, this type of accessory is easy to handle. Because of its spongy nature, you can make smooth movements and wipe the glass surface faster. Apart from these elements, it should also be added that sponges retain water well. This property also facilitates the cleaning of your glass doors. However, if you don’t have sponges, you can always use a clean, non-roughened piece of cloth.

Use a Detergent To Remove Stains

If you want to make your glass doors sparkle, you will need to use some excellent detergents. As detergents, you can use liquid soap. This type of product has the distinction of being less abrasive. When you use it, you won’t risk rubbing off the shine of your door glasses. Moreover, they give off good odors that won’t intoxicate you.

So, all you have to do is put this product in water and use the sponge to clean. Preferably, just put a few drops of the product in the water because this detergent foams effectively. Apart from liquid soap, you can also use dishwashing products. However, for this type of product, make sure that there is no bleach in the composition. In fact, bleach is aggressive and can damage your hands and diminish the shine of glass doors over time.

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Use Vinegar and Baking Soda To Remove Mildew

You’ll need to experiment with specific products like vinegar and baking soda to clean all the stains on your doors. This is because these products contain bulk products that instantly remove mold and other indelible stains. To use them, you will have to put them directly on your sponge or fabric. Afterward, all you have to do is rub properly to remove the stains.

To preserve the condition of your glasses, it is recommended to use these types of products as a last resort. In reality, they are a bit abrasive, but they will eliminate the stains. So, the ideal is to use them once every two months. For the rest of the time, you’ll have to do regular cleanings with conventional detergents.

Use Linear Movements To Clean Well

Obviously, you can clean your glass doors properly with the right products. But, this is not enough to preserve the condition of the doors. For example, if you make sudden movements, you may damage the glass. When cleaning the doors, make linear movements to avoid damaging the glass. These movements can be made in a horizontal or vertical direction. By doing so, you prevent the glass from moving and crumbling.

Linear movements also protect the glass doors against marks on the surface of the glass. Using this trick, you will have no trouble cleaning your glass doors. With regular maintenance, your glass doors will keep their shine. In this way, your dealership will be better embellished and renovated.

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