8 Cleaning Tips With Toothpaste

8 Cleaning Tips With Toothpaste

8 Cleaning Tips With Toothpaste

Whether you put it back in or not, the toothpaste tube is everywhere. And not only in the bathroom! Its composition makes it a versatile product that you can use to clean more than just your teeth. Loyal users of a toothpaste brand, let’s try something new with your toothpaste today. Discover 8 things you can do with toothpaste.

1. Remove a rust stain

Jewelry, linens, and metal objects (even appliances) sometimes show signs of rust. Where elbow grease fails, toothpaste works great.

Rust on a T-shirt?

    – Put a little toothpaste on the stain.

    – Scrub with an old, damp toothbrush.

    – Put it in the washing machine, and the rust disappears!

2. Anti-limescale effect

The more or less hard water from the tap, used for the dishwasher, is often the water we drink. The deposit of tartar on our teeth is similar to that of limescale on table glasses. Be surprised:

    – Soak stained glasses with toothpaste mixed with warm water.

    – Rinse thoroughly.

    – The glass will regain its original transparency!

Good to know: Limescale is made of calcium carbonate, whereas tartar, referred to in medicine, is a deposit of calcium phosphate on our teeth.

3. Cleaning tile grout

When toothpaste and toothbrushes work together to eliminate black stains, it’s not necessarily a battle fought inside the mouth! For deep-cleaning tile grout, it’s a winning combo.

    – Put a little paste on a damp used toothbrush.

    – Scrub the dirt.

    – Rinse with clean water.

4. Clean shoes

A rain shower, some sand, and a little dirt, and the canvas of your pretty summer sneakers turns from beige to brown. Luckily, you have the solution… in your toothbrush.

    – Rub the stain with a toothbrush soaked in diluted toothpaste.

    – The fabric will regain its original color.

Warning: leather and suede do not tolerate toothpaste!

5. Give metals a facelift

8 Cleaning Tips With Toothpaste

Tarnished stainless steel, rust, and limescale are playing havoc with your bathroom faucets? Reach out… A little to the right… There you go. Yes, toothpaste is a solution at hand.

    – Moisten a sponge with warm water.

    – Add a small amount of toothpaste.

    – Scrub the faucet vigorously.

    – Tadam!

Note: Toothpaste will also remove black marks on silver and jewelry.

6. Removing felt-tip marks

Do you have artists in the family? Potato man paintings all over the fridge… and on their T-shirts? White toothpaste works on cotton, linen, synthetic and even wool!

    – Rub the stain with toothpaste.

    – Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Caution: do not let the toothpaste dry. If you do, it will become difficult to remove!

7. Soften scratches

Fill in scratches that are not very deep by spreading toothpaste on them and “massaging” the area. Rinse with clean water and wipe the area clean. Where exactly was the scratch?

Please note: you can use this technique on table glasses or plexiglass, but not on glass-ceramic plates. Scratches on your car body are a different story!

8. Restore headlights that have become opaque or yellowed

No need to spend much money on headlight restoration products or services. Cover your headlights entirely with toothpaste (any brand will do) to clean them. You can spread it with a cloth or simply with your fingers. Then, using a used toothbrush or rag, clean with circular movements on the toothpaste. Once clean, rinse and dry your headlights. They will look much better! 

Hope this post has provided you with the information you came up looking for. Try these new tips, and remember to share your experience in the comments section below.

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