Household Uses of Coca-Cola (Part 1)

Household Uses of Coca-Cola

Household Uses of Coca-Cola (Part 1)

Coca-Cola, the soda par excellence, has already convinced (almost) the whole planet. It accompanies menus and is sometimes drunk instead of water at meals. But even if it is consumed occasionally, it should be in moderation because its composition, rich in acidic chemicals, also makes it useful for household tasks. Let’s see below how your Coke can help you clean many things…

Removes greasy stains from clothes!

A small butter or olive oil stain doesn’t last long against the high acidity of a can of Coke.

To remove an oily stain from clothing:

  • Pour Coke on the stain
  • Machine wash.

Removes rust!

Corrosion has attacked your old bolts so severely that they seem unrecoverable? Coke gives your old tools a new lease on life as acidic as white vinegar.

A mechanic’s trick for removing rust from your workshop parts:

  • Once a year, gather your tools for a bit of rejuvenation.
  • Dip them in a bucket of Coke for an hour.
  • Retrieve your devices, and then immerse them in a soapy water bath (to remove the sugar).
  • Rinse with clean water.
  • Wipe clean immediately.

To remove rust from the bottom of a pool!

The lucky pool owner can finally get back into the water at the end of winter. But while you’re waiting to take the plunge, there’s a big cleaning job ahead. Sometimes rust has settled in during the winter months, and it becomes tough to remove it.

  • Buy your usual expensive cleaning products at the store.
  • Pour 2 liters of Coke (into the empty pool), let it work, and rinse.

Cleans blood from fabrics!

There are many opportunities for the clumsy to get hurt when cooking and tinkering. A poorly controlled reaction, and the stain is nestled in your favorite sweater! Don’t panic; Coke makes the evidence of the crime disappear!

To get rid of a bloodstain:

  • Dampen a sponge with Coke.
  • Rub the stain with it.
  • Machine wash.

Get rid of grease!

Do-it-yourself grease always ends up wreaking havoc on a garage floor or overalls. So don’t bother scrubbing the stain; give yourself a soda break instead.

  • Open a can of Coke.
  • Pour it on the stain.
  • Wash the floor.

Descale kettles!

From one tea break to the next, your kettle looks increasingly grey. This is due to the reaction of the limestone in the water with the heat produced by the resistance. Over time, the scale deposits and unattractive black spots that settle on the bottom of the kettle increase its power consumption.

There’s no need to look for an expensive antiscalant in a drugstore to remedy this. Instead, opt for half a bottle of Coke.

  • Pour a little into the bottom of the kettle.
  • Boil the liquid.
  • Discard the hot Coke.
  • Rinse the bottom of the kettle.
  • Repeat this operation until the black marks disappear.

Tip: you can also do this with white vinegar.

In addition, as soon as there is a little water around a stainless steel sink, a white stain will form. There is no need to polish it; to get rid of it, you can use two products:

  • hot white vinegar: natural and efficient;
  • Coke: to be rinsed after use.

Disincrust the remains of dirty dishes

Did you know that this legendary drink can save you hours of trouble?

  • Soak a little Coke mixed with dishwashing liquid and hot water in the bottom of the dirty pan for a few minutes.
  • Rinse; it’s clean!

Shines silver

Household Uses of Coca-Cola

Coin collectors, silverware owners, and jewelers keep a jealously guarded sugar. For them, Coke is used to clean and shine silver.

If you have old coins that are all tarnished:

  • Soak them in Coke for a few moments.
  • Wash them with soapy water, then clear water.

They will be restored to their former glory.

Good to know: this also works with toothpaste!

Hope these few tips help you with your cleaning job. Remember to comment below and stay posted for part 2 on the household uses of Coca-Cola!

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