Household Uses of Coca-Cola (Part 2)

Household uses of Coca-Cola (Part 2)

Household Uses of Coca-Cola (Part 2)

Coca-Cola, the world’s most famous soda, has already persuaded (nearly) everyone. It is served with menus and is sometimes substituted for water during meals. However, even if consumed infrequently, it should be consumed in moderation due to its acidic chemical composition, which makes it ideal for housekeeping operations. Let’s take a look at how your Coke can assist you in cleaning a variety of items…

Removes hair color

Everyone is allowed to make mistakes, even when it comes to hair color! Coke contains such acidic components it can erase (or at least fade) any trace of hair failure.

After a costume party or an uninspired hair color choice, get rid of the color as follows:

– Wash your hair with 1L of Coke.

– You can soak it in a tub for a few minutes.

– Wash a second time with your usual shampoo.

Warning: the experience of coloring/decoloring damages the hair.

Erasing ink stains from carpet

Kids sometimes like to express themselves on carpets and rugs with their crayons and markers, and they often use their imagination. But even so-called “permanent” ink doesn’t stand a chance against the overpowering soda.

A method for removing an ink stain from a carpet:

– Mix terre de Sommières with Coke.

– Leave it on for about 10 minutes.

– Vacuum the carpet.

Tip: you can also use Marseille soap with the Coke.

Clean the porcelain

Is your bathroom sink made of vitreous china? The floors and walls and the toilets and some accessories of your bathroom, especially if they are old, can also be made of this material.

You can clean, disinfect, descale and shine your entire bathroom with Coke!

Be careful: rinse well to remove any residue.

Cleans engines perfectly

Some mechanics always have a little soda on hand, and it’s not a question of greed… Coca-Cola gives them a significant boost because it allows them to:

– Make the engine shine.

– Remove rust on the battery and other components in contact with water.

Removes chewing gum

In the hair, on the carpet, on the wall, the chewing gum stuck is a hell to remove… Unless you have a bottle of Coke in the fridge!

Indeed, this soda will:

– Gently loosen the gum from your hair.

– Remove chewing gum from the floor without leaving a trace.

Cleans the toilet effectively

Household uses of Coca-Cola (Part 2)

The strange cleaning, disinfecting, and descaling power of Coke in a toilet will convince you of the toxicity of this drink.

– Fill the bowl with a liter of Coke.

– Leave it on for an hour.

– Flush.

Note: you can also scrub the bowl by dipping the brush in the soda.

Repel unwanted garden creatures

Snails and slugs wreak havoc on potted plants! Rather than resorting to toxic products, Coca-Cola is effective in keeping unwanted guests away for good.

In a saucer on the places of passage, the Coke would attract the pests. The acid of the soda would kill the latter.

Good to know: against slugs, you can also place small beer cups here and there. These gourmands will drown in it, as they love hops so much!

Make your windows shine

Are your windows looking grey? You can “freshen them up” with Coke! Thanks to this sweet touch, they will shine brightly.

To do this:

– Pour Coke into a window sprayer.

– Spray on the glass to be cleaned and spread well.

– Wash with soapy water and rinse.

Cleaning fruit or paint stains on wood

You won’t find a better paint remover than Coke! Its acidic ingredients will dilute even tough paint after a few hours.

Be careful: soda can damage wood, so rinse well after the operation.

Did you drop a strawberry on the floor? A bit of grout dried on a table? Don’t panic; Coke is the ideal solution to remove the stain without effort: Coke soaks into the stain and works like a magnet to dislodge the dirt.

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