Foods You Can Actually Use to Clean Your Home

Foods You Can Actually Use to Clean Your Home

A home is a place you always want to feel comfortable and safe, but sometimes that becomes impossible with dirt and mold.

You can be a regular cleaner, but chemical products can’t always help in keeping the home clean and tidy.

But, don’t worry, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed with helplessness as I’m going to share with you how you can use some foods to actually clean your house and make it look shiny.

Mayonnaise for Water Stains

Mayonnaise for Water StainsTo say that most people love mayonnaise would be a sweeping understatement. In the west, people are addicted to it, yet it’s nothing compared to the power of French mayonnaise in France. The reasons for liking it, loving it and being obsessed with it are manifold and have a lot to do with personal taste.

But, did you know that mayonnaise is not only great in an egg salad or a grilled cheese sandwich, but is also good at removing water stains?

When moisture penetrates under the protective finish of your wooden furniture, it results in water rings or heat marks. Let me give you a simple scenario: You’ve invited a guest to your home and that person is seated in your dining room. However, it seems like that person forgot to use a coaster under his chilled glass of beer, which eventually leaves a white stain on your favorite wooden table. That white stain is what we call a water stain.

I know there are lots of tips and tricks on the net for removing water stains, but according to a few cleaning fanatics, mayonnaise is the best water stain remover and the magic only requires one day.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what a cleaning mom got to say when she used that trick for herself: “I was blown away by the instant results; the mayo literally wiped it off.”

Walnuts for Wood Scratches

Walnuts for Wood ScratchesBefore we start talking about the “cleaning” benefits of walnuts, let’s focus a bit on furniture scratches.

When something scrapes away the finish or top layer of a wooden furniture, it exposes the unstained or unfinished wood which is right underneath and makes it more susceptible to damage. Over the course of time, it’s obvious that a piece of furniture will be subjected to wear and tear. However, instead of getting rid of it and buying a new one, how about trying a quick fix to cover up these scratches?

Walnuts consist of an oil that can eliminate scratches on wooden furniture. However, it’s important to remember that walnuts can only remove light scratches. If your furniture has big and years-old scratches, I’m afraid, but they won’t be able to fully repair these scratches.

And, if you’ve just bought a new piece of wooden furniture, you can use walnuts to polish it.

Vodka for Mold and Mildew

Vodka for Mold and MildewYears ago, I’ve read somewhere that you can clean specific areas of the house with alcoholic drinks. And, apparently, vodka works wonders in eliminating mold and mildew.

Personally, that’s a trick I’d never use because I’d rather drink it rather than clean with it. But, if you are non-alcoholic person, you can go for it.

All you need to do is to buy a bottle of vodka and pour it in a spray bottle. You could start by cleaning your windows and the corners behind the doors or at the door entrance. It’s also very good at removing sticky adhesives.

I know it’s a very expensive fix, but it’s worth a try. And, if you still prefer a standard container of Windex to a bottle of vodka, well, you can still drink it 😉

Potato Peels for the Fireplace

Potato Peels for the FireplaceWe are living in an era where all kinds of high-end cleaning products are becoming increasingly available and yet, we are struggling to keep the fireplace clean and shiny. Well, maybe it’s high time to dump chemical products and go natural.

If you take cleaning seriously, especially cleaning your fireplace, you may want to potato peels to keep your fireplace clean.





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