Factors That Impact Car Cleaning Prices

Car Cleaning
Factors That Impact Car Cleaning Prices



 – Car cleaning prices: criteria for variation

 – Price of car cleaning products


Car maintenance involves cleaning the exterior and interior of your vehicle. It is essential to the longevity of your car.

The price of the car cleaning is variable according to whether it is:

 – done by yourself or by a professional;

 – basic or sophisticated;

 – ecological or not.

Price of car cleaning: criteria of variation

The different components of the cleaning price

There are various ways to clean your vehicle:

 – you can do it yourself, by hand:

 ◦ with simple household products;

 ◦ by buying specialized products in the trade;

 ◦ by buying a waterless car cleaning product.

 – Or having it done by a car cleaning or power washing center professional.

When all of these criteria are combined, prices for a car cleaning can range from $4 to $295.

The cost of labor

Car Cleaning

Cleaning professionals are paid according to the time they spend cleaning, shining, and protecting your vehicle.

The price, therefore, varies according to the service provided but also according to the products used:

 – The more complete the service, the longer the time spent and the higher the price.

 – The bigger the car, the higher the price.

However, with the arrival of waterless cleaning, the time spent on the car is somewhat reduced since there is no change of product, and it has a triple action.

The price goes down accordingly, and in some companies that have adopted this new washing technology, the packages are 50% cheaper.

The infrastructure of car cleaning centers

Car Cleaning

The car cleaning centers, whether it is a roller wash or a high-pressure wash, offer infrastructures that allow you

 – either an automatic cleaning under gantries;

 – or a high-pressure jet wash.

No labor is involved except yours.

The infrastructures are quickly amortized, and the price is very modest since it can start at $4 (promotional offer) to reach $20. In addition, centers often offer time-based token systems.

Price of car cleaning products

Maintaining a car can sometimes reach large sums for the mechanical and operating parts: paying attention to the cost of cleaning is, therefore, useful.

Prices of “specialized” car cleaners

Car Cleaning

In specialized or generalist department stores, dealerships, or car cleaning centers, you can find many products that can help you clean the various parts of your car.

These range from:

 – from detergent to polish;

 – from polish to abrasive paste;

 – from car shampoo to car leather balm;

 – from interior decontamination products to tar remover;

 – from insect repellent to anti-hologram paste, etc.

For example, a 500 mL canister will cost you $8 to $11 for 3 to 4 washes.

Tip: Visit the websites of the various brands and compare prices. There is such a wide range that it is impossible to give an idea of the price range…

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