Tips for Using the Car Cleaning Kit

Tips for Using the Car Cleaning Kit
Tips for Using the Car Cleaning Kit

Investing in a beautiful car is always a pleasant moment. But, once it has left the dealership and is in your hands, you need to be able to take care of it. Rain, cold, sun, and pollution are all elements that can damage the body of your new car. It is, therefore, essential to maintain it regularly. For this, there are car cleaning kits. This post tells you everything. 

Car cleaning kit: composition and price

To clean your car like a professional, you need the right tools! For this, you will easily find car cleaning kits in DIY stores, on the Internet, and in the supermarket nearby…

Composition of a car cleaning kit

In the professional car cleaning kits, you will find: 

 – A microfiber cloth;

 – A tire endurance gel, which protects tires from UV rays and leaves them black and shiny;

 – A microfiber wash mitt;

 – A shampoo;

 – A wax to protect the paintwork;

 – A magnetic absorbent can absorb 3 times more water than a chamois and allows a scratch-free wipe.

The items sold in the kits can be hazardous to your health if not used carefully. Be careful not to inhale any of the products, and preferably wear gloves when applying these products to your vehicle. 

Price of a car cleaning kit

Tips for Using the Car Cleaning Kit

Prices usually range from $40 to $60. While it is possible to find some cleaning kits on the Internet for as little as $20, don’t fall into the trap of false savings. If the products purchased are not of good quality, the result will be mediocre, and you will waste your time cleaning. 

This kit is available for sale in specialized automotive stores, supermarkets, or on the Internet.

Tips for using the car cleaning kit

Here are the steps to follow for an optimal result:

 – Start your car wash with the rims and tires of the car. You won’t splash the bodywork with the grime on these areas. Spray the rims and tires with a jet of water. Once this is done, apply the product dedicated to them. Let it sit and hose it down again. Don’t forget to use tire endurance gel.

 – To clean the bodywork, remove all the impurities accumulated with each new area washed to avoid scratching it!

– To dry your car, avoid using chamois leather, which traps impurities and scratches your bodywork.

Hope this post and the links below will help you find your way into cleaning your car like a pro. 

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