An Overview of Car Cleaning Products

Car Cleaning Products



 – A multitude of cleaning products for specific needs

 – Car cleaning products: different distributors


Car maintenance includes car cleaning, which you can do in different ways. Indeed, without regular cleaning, your car can deteriorate more quickly. Dishwasher or washing machine detergents won’t, so don’t try them! It will help you to use specific car cleaning products when you do your own cleaning. None of them are bad, but all have specific qualities – for instance, how deep it does the cleaning job or how much shine it gives your car after the shampoo. Let’s see closer below.

 A multitude of cleaning products for specific needs

 If you choose to wash your car with water and clean the interior of your vehicle, you are obliged to buy car cleaning products.

 A wide range

 There is a wide choice of products for exterior washing (bodywork, windows, wheels) or interior washing, whether it is for:

 – cleaning, shining, polishing, detailing;

 – protection, decontamination of the passenger compartment;

 – de-tarring, de-mossing;

 – leather balm, etc.

 Not all products are safe

Car Cleaning Products

 All these products are not harmless, as most of them use solvents. They are effective but must be used carefully and sparingly to preserve the environment.

 Be sure to read the label revealing the product’s composition and directions for use (how far to use it, how much to use, in closed or open areas, etc.).

 Ecological waterless cleaners

 According to the brands’ claims, some products clean any surface and compile three actions: washing, polishing, and protection.

 They are said to be ecological because:

 – they are biodegradable and manufactured without solvents (some are Ecolabel certified);

 – they do not require water and therefore save at least 100 L of water for each wash;

 – they avoid pollution linked to the discharge of soiled water, including many pollutants such as lead, iron, aluminum, nickel, and phosphates.

 Moreover, they are economical and indeed do the job well!

 Car cleaning products: different distributors

 In addition to choosing the product, you need to decide where to buy it.

 Car cleaning products/kits are easily found since they are distributed in supermarkets, car centers, specialized auto parts stores, dealer stores, gas stations, and websites.

 Possibilities to compare

 The plethora of products and distributors allows a price study on the quality of the product, but also the service offered (advice), price transparency, accessibility, etc.

 All these criteria are to be considered to make your life easier and avoid being a victim of a scam or blowing your budget unnecessarily.

 Advantages and limits of the Internet

 Suppose the web allows you to access cheaper products and avoid traveling. In that case, it does not necessarily offer much transparency concerning the quality of the products and the correspondence between posted prices and real ones.

 There is sometimes the possibility of benefiting from an exchange, but it is often impossible and linked to certain conditions. The “physical” points of sale oblige you to travel but allow you to check the product’s composition and benefit from a piece of advice and simply from a standard exchange. 

One related article will help you here, How to Use Car Shampoo? In case you don’t want to dirty your hands, nowadays there are always professional car washes at every corner. We will be coming up with more posts on car cleaning in our following postings. Meanwhile, please feel free to jot down a few words in the comments below for your appreciation of this topic, and let us know if you want to read about something more specific to car cleaning.

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