What Makes a Car Wash Brush a Good Investment?

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What Makes a Car Wash Brush a Good Investment?



 – Car wash brush: the different types

 – Price of the car wash brush


Have you been avoiding car washes for cost reasons or for fear of damaging your beautiful bodywork? Roll up your sleeves! We suggest you get a car wash brush: our advice on how to equip yourself wisely is in this article!

Car wash brush: the different types

Car Wash

They differ in quality, sophistication, and specificity adapted to the different vehicles to be cleaned. The classic car wash brush consists of a brush with soft and long bristles and a hollow telescopic handle at the end; connecting a water supply is possible. The water arriving under pressure in the brush improves the cleaning.

The essential car wash brush

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It consists of a brush with a telescopic aluminum handle, possibly connecting a water supply. The following sizes are available

 – size M (100 to 160cm);

 – size L (128 to 190cm).

The car wash brush for large cars

If you have a motor home or a tall utility vehicle, this brush option is for you! In the folded position, if its length is 1.30m, deployed, it reaches 3 meters!

Note: Longer models are available (in professional stores dedicated to trucks).

The high-pressure washing brush

Car Wash

This is, in fact, an additional accessory that you connect to your high-pressure cleaner: it consists of an adapted nozzle with a metal tube and is added to the cleaner’s lance. Often, the brush is rotating, driven by the water pressure.

The multi-function brush

This is the brush that combines all the options:

 – telescopic from 1,30m to 1,90m;

 – tiltable;

 – with squeegee;

 – with water supply from a faucet;

 – with an additional soap tank with a water-soap dispenser;

 – with a 90° tiltable high-pressure jet nozzle interchangeable with the brush.

Price of the car wash brush

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There are different qualities of car wash brushes, so it is important to consider the quality before purchasing.

In general, a generic brand from Asian countries is not a reference; the risks of degradation are generally the lack of quality of plastics (brittle tips) and the system of fitting of the telescopic handle (the system disengages under pressure).

This is why we will base ourselves on medium-range products, which guarantee quality.

Types of brushes







Light vehicles $30 Swivel scrub brush 27cm with water passage handle Gardena Sale of accessories and car parts

Special large size

High vehicles (camping cars – utility vehicles…) $60 Telescopic handle from 1,30 to 3m Vikan Stores selling motorhomes and trucks

High-pressure cleaning brush

All vehicles (provided you have a high-pressure cleaner) (risk of damage to fragile paintwork) $40 Rotary brush lance of circular shape Karcher Do-it-yourself stores

The multi-functional brush

All vehicles $50 Length 1,30 to 1,80m integrated shampoo tank adjustable mixer stop valve integrated squeegee high-pressure jet Theo Sites and shops for car accessories

A few tips, for all intents and purposes:

– Use the brush only for the bodywork to prevent any scratching it (provide a brush exclusively for the bottom of the bodywork and the rims, where many abrasive particles are deposited);

– Avoid detergents; use washing-up liquid for the bodywork;

– To remove any traces of washing and mottling, use a chamois or a microfiber cloth;

– You can keep the benefits of your work longer by applying a protective wax treatment (natural carnauba wax or synthetic wax specific to the automobile).

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