How to Use Car Shampoo

How to Use Car Shampoo
How to Use Car Shampoo

Frequent cleaning of your car is essential to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. Using a suitable product to keep your vehicle looking new is highly recommended. This is the case with car shampoo, whose effectiveness has been proven.

Car shampoo: properties


Car shampoo is a product that effectively cleans the bodywork of all vehicles. In general, car shampoo is:

    – Scrubbing: it allows washing thoroughly any part of the bodywork. It removes dirt, pollution residues, stuck insects, tar, etc.

    – Lubricant: it contains agents that give a shine.

    – Protective: it is designed to protect the bodywork thanks to its water-repellent effect. The water runs off without leaving any traces.

There are all sorts of varieties of car shampoos. They usually contain:

    – Wax to enhance the shine;

    – A concentrated liquid with a foaming agent.

Car shampoos come in various shapes and sizes, including cans, bottles and spray containers.

Good to know: Car shampoo can also be used to clean rims and chrome, but do not use car shampoo to clean the interior. Ask a specialist for advice on which product is suitable for plastics, leather or fabric.

Biodegradable car shampoo

How to Use Car Shampoo

Ecological car shampoos clean and shines the bodywork while protecting the environment. Their formula is based on vegetable oils such as coconut oil or palm oil. In addition, they are:

    – free of colouring agents;

    – no preservatives;

    – free of allergens;

    – without aggressive products.

In addition, the packaging of biodegradable car shampoos is entirely recyclable.

Uses of car shampoo

How to Use Car Shampoo

Car shampoo is usually diluted in 1 or 2 litres of water. However, some car shampoos are ready to use. You can therefore use them directly without adding water.

Before cleaning your car with a specific shampoo, it is advisable to follow the instructions for use carefully. In most cases:

    – use a sponge soaked in the product (diluted or undiluted depending on the car shampoo you have) over the entire surface of the bodywork, focusing on the dirt;

    – Finish by rinsing thoroughly with a sponge or jet of water;

    – Dry the bodywork thoroughly with a chamois cloth.

Good to know: Do not apply car shampoo when the bodywork is hot or exposed to the sun.

Car shampoo: advantages and disadvantages

How to Use Car Shampoo

Car shampoo has several undeniable advantages:

    – very effective;

    – economical to buy;

    – suitable for all types of car bodywork;

    – convenient to use.

On the other hand, car shampoo contains components that are likely to pollute the planet. This is why it is advisable to use a biodegradable car shampoo, which has the same properties as other bodywork cleaning products while remaining environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, you cannot use car shampoo to clean the fabric tops of some convertibles.

Note: Car shampoo can be used with a pressure washer, making it easier to clean the bodywork.

Price of car shampoo

Car shampoo is available in all car centres, car accessory shops, and all car shampoo websites.

The price of a car shampoo depends on the brand, the type of packaging and the capacity. The cost of a car shampoo is generally between:

    – $20 to $25 in a 5-litre can be diluted;

    – 10 to $15 for a 2-litre can be diluted;

    – 6 to $8 for a 1 litre can be diluted;

    – 7 and $10 for a 500 ml spray bottle of biodegradable ecological car shampoo;

    – 15 and $20 for a 750 ml bottle of ready-to-use car shampoo.

Note: Take advantage of special offers in shops and on the Internet to buy cheap and effective car shampoo.


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