Tips to Help You Clean and Maintain Your Log Cabin (Part 2)


In our part 2 series, we’ll focus on the exterior of your log cabin. So, here are eight tips to follow in cleaning and maintaining the exterior of your cabin.

Wash the Exterior

Wash the Exterior
Wash the Exterior

If your cabin is made of logs, it requires a special method of cleaning. The outer logs are often made of softwood. They will not withstand pressure washing.
Instead of pressure washing, you should use a car wash brush. You should use a brush with a handle as long as possible.
There are several cleaners for wooden logs on the market.
Pay special attention to the areas where cobwebs have settled. These are the places that are most sheltered and the easiest to get dirty. Dirt and debris will accumulate there.
After applying the cleaner, wait half an hour or as long as indicated on the bottle, then rinse it off. Use the wash brush and scrub the logs with water. In no time, they will shine like new again.

Use a Finish on the Logs

To get that extra color or shine on your logs, you should finish them.
This could mean applying a stain, wax or some other type of finish. Before you apply any kind of finish to your cabin, you should learn about the type of wood it is made from.
This will help you pinpoint the right type of application and finish. The last thing you want to happen is apply a finish that will melt your logs.
Certain finishes can make your wood look glossy. Others can protect it from weathering and moss.
Decide which type of paint is most important to you and follow the appropriate instructions to apply it properly.

Sand the Logs

One last tip for cleaning your cabin’s wooden logs is to sand them down.
You need to sand your logs because mold and weathering will eventually get to them. Sanding is the only way to completely remove the mold and protect the wood from battering and weathering.
For white wood, an 80 grit sanding disc works well. It restores the color and assists in preparing the wood for staining or sealing.
Sanding only removes the surface of the wood. You do not have to worry that your cabin will lose its integrity for some time.

Inspect the Exterior for Termites


If your cabin is mainly made of wood, you need to take care of termites. These bugs live off wood.
Usually they are attracted to a dead tree. They nest in the dead tree and start eating it from the inside out.
Then they migrate to a new source of wood. Some tree trunks are especially nutritious for termites.
You should inspect your cabin regularly for signs of a termite infestation.
One of the ways you can recognize an infestation is if there are mud tunnels. These tunnels are channels that termites build and use to get from one area to the next safely.
Termites can do a lot of damage to your cabin. A professional can exterminate them and help keep your log home safe for generations to come.

Check the Drainage System

When you are outside, you need to inspect the drainage system for the site.
You don’t want for your cabin to be in standing water. Standing water is a great way for logs to erode and lose their integrity quickly.
To remove standing water, you should set up a drainage system. To do this, you can slope a portion of the soil. The water will then naturally follow the slope.

Consider Coating the Exterior in Borate

Since your home is built of wood, you will experience an influx of bugs.
There are several types of bugs that feed on wood. For example, they feed on live sapwood. One way to get rid of bugs is to use borate.
There are several different borate sprays on the market. You should use one that is safe for log cabins. All you have to do is coat the logs with the borate. The scent will keep the bugs away from the cabin.

Clean and Inspect the Windows

Windows provide natural light in your log home. To save energy, you need as much natural light as possible.
You can ensure that light shines into the cabin by cleaning the windows with a window cleaner at least once a year
It’s also an excellent time to inspect the window sill. Like the roof, the window begins to shift depending on the temperature and humidity.

Maintain and Preserve the Patio or Deck Area

No log cabin is complete without a patio or deck area. It should also be part of your cleaning and maintenance checklist.
A patio attached to your log cabin could destroy your cabin if not properly maintained.
Unlike the walls of your log home, you can clean your deck with a pressure washer. The wood used in this construction is designed to withstand intense pressure. Washing with a pressure washer can easily remove dirt and mold.


Let us know in the comments section how you take care of the exterior of your cabin.

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