Maintenance of Photovoltaic Panels: Who to Call?

Photovoltaic panels are of great use in many households and structures. However, these panels need regular maintenance and upkeep for better efficiency over time. What is the maintenance of photovoltaic panels, and who should be involved?

Maintenance of photovoltaic panels

Solar panels are used more and more these days. It is a natural alternative to the use of electrical energy.

The use of photovoltaic panels allows you to save a lot of money on electrical energy. It is useful both for the city and for the countryside.

However, for better performance in the long term, it is essential to ensure the maintenance of solar panels or photovoltaics. The maintenance allows ensuring the proper functioning of the materials.

Note that the frequency of maintenance of solar panels can vary from device to device. Indeed, the panels of small powers do not require too much maintenance. But the photovoltaic installations of large power require maintenance at least once a year.

Maintenance ensures the efficiency of the entire system. A well-maintained photovoltaic system can light up a whole house and even provide attic lighting.

Maintenance also ensures the proper functioning of each vital component such as the inverter. This is one of the key components of photovoltaic installations. Thanks to the inverter, the direct current produced by the solar panels is transformed into alternating current.

The maintenance of the inverter makes it possible to check the adjustments and especially to control the operation of the diodes.

What about cleaning?

For better performance of the photovoltaic installations, the solar panels must be clean and free of any dirt that could block the sun’s rays.

When the panels are clean, they are very efficient and can even help light large areas with a skylight installation. Generally, solar panels are cleaned by rain and wind. But you can also do it yourself if possible.

However, certain cleaning products should be avoided, as they can damage the panels:

– Hard water

Its use can leave white marks that will reduce the photovoltaic yield.

– Abrasive sponges

They can scratch the panels

– Solvents and detergents

They can damage the surface of the solar collectors.

Maintenance of photovoltaic panels: Who to call?

For good maintenance of photovoltaic panels, there is no better than a specialist. Indeed, you can remove dust and other dirt yourself from time to time. But for proper maintenance, you have to call a solar panel maintenance technician.

He has the skills, abilities, and equipment to satisfy you. A qualified technician can easily access the roof to check the condition of your installation without any fear.

Solar panels are very sensitive, and entrusting their maintenance to anyone can cost you a lot of money.

Indeed, the solar panel maintenance technician is the right person to call for the following reasons:

– He is a professional;

– He has experience in electrical work and photovoltaic systems;

– He can provide you with the necessary information about the state of your installation;

– He can replace or repair a failed part.

With a professional, you have the assurance and guarantee of a job well done. Nowadays, there are many independent technicians, but there are also companies specializing in the maintenance and cleaning of solar panels.

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