How Often Should You Actually Wash Your Sheets And Towels? (Part 1)

How Often Should You Actually Wash Your Sheets And Towels? (Part 1)

Washing your towels regularly is a matter of course for most people. However, not everyone knows that regular use means every fourth use. We go through how often you should actually wash bed linen, towels, but also rugs, and other things you easily forget.



How to Wash Towels: All Details And Useful Tips – towelnrobe

Getting the towels washed once a week would probably make most of us feel happy. But if you ask the experts, there is nothing to be proud of. Rather the opposite! If you dry your face with a towel that has been used for two days, you will probably get more E. coli bacteria in your face than if you put your head in the toilet and flush. Although you dry yourself after the body has been cleaned, bacteria and skin on the towel still accumulate quickly. Especially if it is often damp and not allowed to dry properly, it becomes a real breeding ground for bacteria. The recommendation is to wash about every two to three days. On the other hand, some believe that it is unsustainable for the environment to clean so often – and that it is sufficient from a hygienic point of view to let it go for up to four days, as long as the towel is allowed to dry thoroughly before use again.

  • How Often to Wash Them: After at least every fourth use.
  • How to Wash Them: In a machine, at least 60 degrees with no rinse aid. That’s because it destroys the absorbency. Use vinegar as a rinse aid to make them soft and delicious instead.
  • How to Keep Them Fresh Between Washes: Hang up correctly, so the towel dries between uses.



It’s not something you really want to think about. But we sleep, often naked, in the same cloth every night. We will flake, sweat, and secrete other body fluids on pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets. If you do not wash the sheets for a long time, they can become a real hotbed of bacteria, not so great to sleep in, right? That also attracts dust mites, which leave feces with allergens that can trigger asthma, itchy noses, and irritated eyes. If your pets sleep in bed with them, you should also clean the covers more often. The same applies to naked sleepers, as body parts that are otherwise covered with pajamas or nightgowns also come into contact with the bed linen. A weekly change of linen is also a good idea if you have incredibly sweaty feet or hot flashes at night.

  • How Often to Wash Them: Once a week.
  • How to Wash Them: In a machine, at least 60 degrees, preferably 90. Tumble dry warm.



How to clean upholstery: Clean couches, cars and more

Do you remember the movie “The Dog Trick” with Alexander Skarsgård, who had a friend who forced his visitors to take off their pants if they were to sit on the couch? The argument was that if you have traveled by public transport (and sat down), the pants are full of bacteria from others, released on the sofa. A pretty rational thought, though. Even pillows and rugs can accumulate some dust, skin deposits, and bacteria during the day. Not to mention all the stains that the sofa incurs – something you may not be aware of if the sofa’s fabric is dark. How often you need to wash also depends on your habits. If you usually eat on the couch or leave your dog lying on it, you probably need to wash more often than others.

  • How Often to Wash Them: Around once every two months for the pillows and blanket at least once a month.
  • How to Wash Them: Follow the washing instructions on each patch so you do not risk shrinkage. Above all, pillowcases and the sofa fabric must be completely dry before they are put on again.
  • How to Keep Them Fresh Between Washes: Shake, whip, and puff up a little now and then. Vacuum the sofa and pillows at each cleaning.



It is a bit laborious and requires time to get the pillow dry. But it must be done! Although you are good at changing pillowcases, both fungus and dust mites easily find their way into the pillow. According to studies, it is not uncommon for about 16 different species of fungi to live in a regular pillow.

  • How Often to Wash Them: At least twice a year.
  • How to Wash Them: Machine on a gentle program with extra rinsing. Tumble dry on low heat together with tennis balls, preferably three pieces to keep the pillows even.
  • How to Keep Them Fresh Between Washes: Air and shake the pillows often, preferably every day.


Want to know more fabulous cleaning tips? Stay tuned for the second part of this blog!



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