Why You Should Not Throw Away Silica Gel Bags?

Oh, that’s what it’s for… That little bag of plastic balls in the box of your recently purchased bag or your new trainers. Most people probably first think, “What am I going to do with this?” and habitually throw it straight into the trash. However, these silica gel bags are surprisingly practical and sometimes come in handy. In these ten situations, you will be glad you did not throw them away.

1) Drying a Wet Cell Phone

You take the cell phone out of your pocket it goes straight to the bathroom. You quickly fish it out, but it is soaking wet. What should you do? Have you ever thought about silica gel pellets? Probably not, but they may still be your solution. Silica gel is a desiccant and adsorbent, which is useful when your phone is wet.

First, remove all parts that can be pulled out, such as the SIM card and SD card. Then, dry the phone with a tray containing a silica gel bag that ensures water absorption.

2) Protect Razor Blades

Razor blades become dull quickly due to oxidation. This can happen quite easily, depending on where you store your razor blades, especially in the bathroom. If you place the razor in a plastic container with about five silica bags, you will find that the sharpness lasts much longer.

3) Protect Your Pet’s Food

People often buy pet food in large quantities. Be sure to store it properly to prevent water damage and mold. Keeping it in a plastic container and sticking some silica gel bags inside the lid is a great way to protect the food from moisture.

4) Protecting Silver Jewelry

Did you know? Silver jewelry tarnishes over time. Shiny silver gradually darkens, and this is the last thing you want for your precious belongings. To prevent this, you can store your jewelry with some silica gel bags to keep it looking beautiful.

5) Wet clothes

You want to take one last swim before boarding the plane and enjoy the beach while you still can. Then you pack your wet bikini and open your suitcase at home, it will smell musty. However, this can easily be avoided by placing the wet clothing in a plastic bag and adding a silica gel bag. This will absorb the moisture on the return trip and prevent the odor from getting on your wet clothes.

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6) Keep Your Underwater Camera Dry

Waterproof cameras are safe to use underwater, but it is essential to dry and store your camera after diving. Take your camera with you.

Store with two silica gel sheets to prevent condensation.

7) Refresh Your Sports Bag

After a lot of use, sports bags will eventually start to smell musty. Keeping a few bags of silica gel in the bag will reduce the bacteria that cause moisture and odor.

8) Dried Flowers

Dried flowers make beautiful interior decorations. They look great in frames, for example.

Did you know that silica gel can be used to dry them very easily? Just put flowers between the grains in an airtight container, and they will dry up in a few days!

9) Store Garden Seeds

Here’s a great tip for gardeners. Storing them with a few silica gel bags will help protect garden seeds from moisture.

10) Helps Against Rusty Tools

Tools can rust with moisture. So, as you can imagine, adding a few bags of silica gel will do the trick and help keep your tools for longer!

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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