How to Clean Parquet Floor?


Parquet is one of the most common floors in homes today. It will undoubtedly give you elegance and comfort. But of course, not everything brings great benefits, and cleaning it requires attention. So today, we will present some tips and tricks on how to properly clean parquet.

Due to its fragile ground, it can be said that parquet is susceptible to some cleaning agents and moisture. Although it may seem so, cleaning parquet is not a complicated task. Just follow a few tips and apply products that not only clean but also protect.

How to Clean Parquet Using Home Remedies

1) Use Vinegar

Add a small amount of vinegar to a bucket of water. One swig is more than enough, so it doesn’t cost much. You can then polish the entire floor using this mixture.

This gives a cleaner, shinier finish. Of course, you should make sure to do this on a day when you can open the windows wide. This way, the odor will disappear in a few minutes, and you will have a perfect floor that is worth walking on again and again.

Note: Avoid products that contain acidic ingredients or silicone, since these will wear away the varnish on the floor.

Another very effective method is to apply a layer of olive oil. However, this should not be done too often, but once every two to three months. Simply drip a little oil and then wipe with a dry cloth. You can do this with your feet without crouching down. Again, this trick will give the wood a special shine and make it look like it has just been placed.

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Using Cleaning Detergents

Products based on hay soap are ideal for cleaning parquet and flooring. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, adding a small amount of this product to a bucket of water and wiping it with a well-drained mop is good. This way, you will get a shiny and spotless floor, and of course, the benefits of taking care of it. Washing is best done once a week. Moisture is your worst enemy, so always try not to let the mop get too wet.

How to Dry Parquet

This is one of the most common procedures. A mop or vacuum cleaner is always a strong friend for these floors. The best way to avoid certain types of stains is to prevent them from accumulating. In this case, if the dirt is unexpected, you can use a brush with natural bristles or a damp cloth. This way, you can remove the dirt without damaging the floor.

If moisture is the enemy, heels and furniture can be too. Therefore, it is best to deposit shoes at the entrance. There, you can slip into something more comfortable and then enter the room. Likewise, it is advisable to put protective stickers on all furniture legs. Cover the entrances of the house with carpeting. This way, most of the dirt that gets into your shoes will be discarded before you step on the parquet floor.

Would you like to avoid using chemical products since your floor isn’t terribly dirty? Then the best way to clean the parquet is to mop it with water only. Make sure the mop is not too wet. Or allow the floor to dry after mopping. Too much water left on the floor will damage the wood. For untreated floors, distilled water is the best choice.

However, oil-finished parquet should never be cleaned with water alone. Otherwise, the protective oils will be removed, and the wood will become very sensitive to stubborn stains. Always make sure to add a nourishing product to your mop water.

Do you make any special efforts to clean and care for your parquet floors? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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