5 Cost-Effective Substitutes for Cleaning Products

5 Cost-Effective Substitutes for Cleaning Products

5 Cost-Effective Substitutes for Cleaning Products

Cleaning is not only a time-consuming task that requires a special slot in your schedule, but it’s also a chore that can be costly… 

Fortunately, making your house shine without breaking the bank is possible by using natural products that should already be in your cupboards! Less expensive and less polluting, these economic substitutes to cleaning products are good news for your bank account, health, and the environment!

Want to try them? Discover the 5 economic substitutes for cleaning products.

1. White vinegar

White vinegar is a real multi-purpose cleaning product. It has disinfecting, degreasing, and anti-limescale properties that allow it to be used to:

    – descaling sanitary facilities;

    – cleaning the refrigerator;

    – cleaning tiles;

    – washing glass;

    – wash your cooking plates and your worktop.

For example, to clean your refrigerator, you should:

    – Soak a damp sponge with vinegar and scrub the plates of your fridge.

    – Rinse with a sponge soaked in clear water.

These are only a few possible uses of white vinegar: the recipes and uses are almost infinite.

2. Lemon

5 Cost-Effective Substitutes for Cleaning Products

Lemon has many possible household uses. It is a natural antibacterial and disinfectant.

Lemon can be used to:

    – descaling stainless steel surfaces and household appliances:

    – maintain metal objects (stainless steel, steel, silver);

    – to clean joints:

    – to maintain leather:

    – cleaning floors.

For example, to clean joints with lemon:

    – Mix lemon juice and baking soda (50/50).

    – Apply to the joints.

To maintain leather, you need to:

    – Mix an egg white with the juice of a lemon.

    – Rub the mixture obtained on the fabric.

    – Apply a cream to moisturize the leather.

Please note: lemon juice should not be used to clean waxed concrete floors, as it may cause porosity.

3. Coca-Cola

5 Cost-Effective Substitutes for Cleaning Products

The acidity of Coke gives it degreasing, anti-rust and descaling properties.

For example, to clean your toilet with Coke:

    – Pour one liter of Coke into the bowl.

    – Let it act for one hour.

    – Rub the stubborn stains, and they will go away without effort.

    – Flush the toilet.

4. Potato

 In addition to delighting our taste buds, potato can:

    – Restore the shine to crystal

    – Wash carpets and rugs.

To restore the shine of crystal, simply:

    – Rub your crystal object with half a raw potato.

    – Let it sit in a container filled with water and potato peelings for several days.

To clean carpets and rugs, you must:

    – Make a homemade mixture of grated potatoes sprinkled with boiling water and cover for 3 hours.

    – Spread the paste obtained on the carpet or the carpet and brush.

    – Let dry and vacuum several times (be careful, the paste must be completely dry!).

Good to know: potatoes can even be used in the composition of ecological paints.

5. Fats: olive oil, butter

Fatty substances hold on to dirt and lift it off the stained surface. They perform real feats on sludge, engine, or gasoline grease.

Butter allows for removing motor oil or bicycle grease on:

    – leather, suede, or nubuck;

    – synthetic fabric, wool, or cotton.

To remove a stain with butter, you must:

    – Spread the stain with butter with a knife.

    – Leave it on for a few moments.

    – Wash well with soapy water.

If you want to save even more money on substitutes for cleaning products, we’ll return with more tips soon. In the meantime, don’t forget to leave a few words in the comments below.

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